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Alternative Workouts

by Anne Middleton, on August 13th, 2015

If you’re having a tedious time stepping it up in step class or you’re yo-yoing on whether to trek to yoga, it might be time to revamp your exercise routine.  The key to making sure you stay fit is to do exercise you enjoy and break up monotonous routines.  Let’s revamp and amp up your workout.

Stretch your vocal chords while spinning.  Karaoke during spin class is in vogue and can be a great way to maximize your already effective cycling class.  Cycle alone?  Don’t just spin your wheels.  Check out the Sing! Karaoke by Smule app on the Apple store.  Load this diverting app onto your iPad or iPhone and you’ll have it for your workout or anytime you want.  T-Mobile is also there for you anytime you need great devices, coverage and accessories.  With 25% off accessories, invest in some crackerjack speakers or headphones, when you use our codes.

In between boyfriends or want to liven up your erotic life?  Pole dance has been a work out craze for a while now.  If you haven’t found yourself whipping around a pole, perhaps its time you try it.  For those who want to perfect their perspirations around the pole, investigate the Apple app store.  Pole Dance Fitness and Aerial Arts can be discreetly stored in your Apple Newsstand on your new iPad from Verizon.  Each month, you can access free mini issues of the famed magazine.  Get $100 off of select tablets with new two year activation. 

If you’re calcifying in your calisthenics routine, it’s time to liven it up.  Likewise, if you’ve outgrown your phone, tablet or even your carrier it’s time to move.  We’ll take the sticker shock out of getting new devices and services so you can dive in!