The Changing Landscape Of Travel

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by Anne Middleton, on June 2nd, 2016

Traveling should be stress-free! After all, a trip away from home should be all about relaxing and anticipating fabulous experiences.  There was a time when travel agents were the only way to book a multiple day trip.  There were no hotel discounts or options to choose your accommodations for flights on the internet like and Expedia. Oh my, how the landscape of travel has certainly changed. 

Today within a matter of moments you can search multiple options on your own to find lodging that fits your exact expectations as well as airline flights and just about everything else. Whether you use Expedia to find the best deals to fly to your destination, or search to secure a room with a view, the way we currently make our travel plans barely resembles the old standards.

Times, They Are a Changing

Consider these six ways the travel landscape has been altered in this digital age:

1. Baggage Fees

In previous decades, everyone would check their luggage without a thought and without any cost. The overhead bins were often vacant or, at the very most, filled with jackets and coats if the plane was on course to a cold climate.  We are now a part of a generation where fees for luggage are commonplace and an accepted expense. Most individuals do everything they can to have only carry-on luggage, no matter how unglamorous it appears. The landscape of travel has certainly changed!

2. Unwanted Lodging Surprises

Our grandparents used a hotel’s printed brochure to determine if motel accommodations would meet their needs. 

Our parents trusted well-known branded hotels, all equipped with mini-soaps and shampoos which they brought home in their suitcases. 

Using these time-consuming methods often came with an unwelcome element of surprise. People didn’t know exactly what their hotel or destination would actually look like.

Now these processes seem primitive and unsophisticated. Being disappointed with a hotel room could NEVER happen with the superior website and guidance at On the website you can find ratings, accurate photos, complete descriptions and more before you select your room., a leading provider of lodging worldwide, offers travelers one of the widest selections of discount accommodations including traditional hotels, vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts at more than 500,000 properties worldwide.

The benefits don’t stop there. With Rewards, you can earn a free night after you collect 10 AND pay less on Secret Price hotels. No matter where your next adventure takes you, is the obvious choice. discount codes at will make your trip even more affordable and allow you to stay a day (or two) longer. offers PromoCodesForYou users extra savings on select hotel properties.

3. Flight Status

It wasn’t so long ago that in order to check the status of a flight, it was necessary to make a phone call to the airline, or worse yet, just show up and hope that everything was on schedule. Today, with a glance at a Smartphone, flyers can receive internet updates, emails and texts on whether there are any issues with their flights.

4. Flights and Trip Planning

Travel agents have pretty much become dinosaurs in the current world of travel. There are now a plethora of options and information available to help you plan your trip from booking flights to accommodations. But trying to get your head around airline schedules and comparing flights can be an organizational nightmare.

That’s where can help. is the world's leading online travel provider, helping millions of travelers per month to effortlessly plan and book travel. Expedia combines personalized service, and contemporary technology. As a result, Expedia can deliver an expansive selection of vacation packages, flights, hotels, rental cars and more.

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5. Communication Back Home

In this technological there is absolutely no excuse to avoid calling your mama. With a tap on a keyboard, it is easy to arrange meet ups and keep in touch with people on the road. Internet cafes, Smartphones, Facebook and Twitter mean you can be as connected on the road as you are at home. can help identify places to stay with free internet connections or access to high speed Wi-Fi.

6. Photography

In the olden days, a compact film camera was required and film processing was pricey. Plus, you never really knew what you’d get until the photographs were developed long after you returned home from your trip. After picking up hundreds of printed photos, hours were spent sorting and editing vacation snapshots once you arrived back home.

Thank goodness for the digital age of photography! Today, you can use your Smartphone and delete any unflattering or bad photos as you go along. Or use a digital camera and download the pictures as you go.

The changes in the manner we travel nationwide and globally bear little resemblance to how it used to be in our childhood.  Expedia and make even last minute travel affordable and tempting, which was previously almost impossible. These superior travel sites make it easy to find out information on places that you want to travel to. So book a flight, upload your boarding pass and have a wonderful trip!