Holiday Music Humbug?

by Anne Middleton, on December 8th, 2015

I want to start a poll on Twitter.  Christmas music:   aaww or uggh? Some days, I can feel both.  Many feel the holidays encroach too fast after Halloween and a big part of that cringe is how fast the radio stations start blaring “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” In fact, 21 percent of Americans said the prevalence of Christmas music in December is "overdone."   For me, if things are going right, if the magic of Christmas is in the air, I want to hear the music.  If someone kvetching in a store line, snatched the last of the stollen and is being a Grinch, I do not want to hear the music.  I have situational Christmas music angst.  I don’t think I am alone in this. 

Now, I can do very little in stores, besides buy ear plugs, should I not want to hear of jingle bells and elves, because real holiday hell is unfolding before me.  This is a case where having headphones and Pandora loaded onto an iPhone from T-Mobile is a good thing.  I can choose the playlist I want to hear instead of what’s being forced on me.  I can buy my turkey and dressing and Panettone and rock out to Ozzy Osbourne if that’s I want and that’s a good thing. 

Radio stations that switch to the All Christmas, All The Time format near Thanksgiving in 2012 saw a 71% midday surge in listeners compared to their average ratings.  So it seems that some want to feel holly and jolly all the time, and it pays for radio stations to accommodate them.  I know that some Christmas tunes can stir up not-so-fond-memories.  I have a few carols I dislike from due to past hapless holidays.  If you’re planning a party and you know the listening tastes of your guests, invest in some good speakers Verizon, like the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speakers and create playlist everyone can enjoy.

Don’t say bah humbug to holidays tunes just yet.  Perhaps being choosier about when we hear the music and what we listen to is the answer.  We all have memories attached to carols, some good and some bad and with mobile phones, headphones and other accessories, we have more options for tuning in or tuning out.  Shop with our codes and save on all your mobile and music needs and save!