How Prepared Are You For Outdoor Activities?

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by Anne Middleton, on May 10th, 2016

Exploring new adventures makes life more fulfilling and fun. That includes all types of outdoor activities. Whether you are camping in an unfamiliar locale, fishing for the first time, discovering birdwatching or learning to paddleboard, the proper equipment is a necessity. Sierra Trading Post offers name brand equipment for outdoor recreation to make your experience effortless. Or stop by Columbia Sportswear for an almost limitless selection of outdoor apparel and products whether you hike, golf or enjoy an adrenaline sport.

Know Before You Go

Exploring our great natural resources with your family can be exhilarating. Planning your outdoor adventure is a great way to involve everyone on a wonderful journey. When you make a decision together about where to go and the activities to do, you increase everybody’s interest.

The key to a great experience is preparation. Here are few simple steps:

• Plan ahead and learn about the areas you will be visiting. Be sure everyone can take part, regardless of their fitness level.

• Pay attention to all posted signs and warnings, and don't ignore signs that prohibit travel on specific lands or trails. Make sure a friend or family member knows your schedule and itinerary.

• Wear or carry appropriate clothing, including suitable shoes for your excursion, and be prepared for storms or sudden weather changes such as heavy rains or dramatic temperature shifts.

For more than 70 years, Columbia Sportswear Company has been making gear so that all types of adventurers can enjoy the outdoors. Columbia Sportswear offers no-nonsense apparel and footwear to keep you warm, dry, cool and protected no matter where you travel.

Designing innovative and functional products for consumers who participate in a wide range of outdoor activities is Columbia Sportswear’s only priority. Not only does Columbia Sportswear deliver an exceptional line of outdoor gear, Columbia supports organizations around the world that share a passion for the outdoors. They truly believe that outdoor education and conservation efforts ensure everyone will be able to enjoy the outdoors for generations to come.

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• Remember to carry essential equipment including maps, water and first aid materials. When beginning a new outdoor activity, always assure you have the full line of appropriate equipment.

For example, Stand Up Paddle Boarding (referred to as SUP) has exploded in popularity. Over 2.8 million Americans now enjoy this challenging water sport.  Stand up paddle boarders maintain an upright stance on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water.

SUP offers a fun, relaxing way to play on the water. Paddle boarding delivers a full-body workout and thus has also become a cross-training activity. Enthusiasts of all ages have discovered the joy of paddle boarding on lakes, ponds, rivers and ocean inlets. With a minimum of gear, you can paddle the ocean surf or placid lakes to experience an entirely new perspective of the environment.

Ready to get started? Look no further than Sierra Trading Post. Sierra Trading Post is a premier online and catalog retailer that sells high quality outdoor recreation gear.  They have an exceptional selection of SUP paraphernalia ranging from boards and paddles to specially designed wetsuits. And for the true novice (and frightened beginner), they have a selection of life jackets.

Sierra Trading Post sells seconds, overstocks and closeouts to assure your outdoor activities are affordable. Outdoor recreation and adventure gear, footwear, clothing and home decor with an everyday savings of 35-70% on all items are available at Sierra Trading Post’s website.

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Regardless of the season, being outdoors creates a wonderful time for everyone. Outdoor recreation leads to a range of physical, emotional and mental health benefits, from reduced stress to strengthening family ties. Whatever your preferred outside adventure is, let Sierra Trading Post and Columbia Sportswear make it a fabulous activity with the proper gear and clothing.

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