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National E-Book Month

by Anne Middleton, on March 26th, 2015

Some book aficionados are also dedicated paper-philes.  They love the weathered paper, the crunch of the spine as the book is opened, the way the tips of the pages curl over time and multiple readings.  There’s that special way the back and front covers crease as they age, much like the love of your life.  These book lovers are also tree-killers.  They kill multiple trees in their consumption of books.  We all know that e-books are the way of the future, just as stone tablets were eclipsed by papyrus, papyrus by paper and now paper by electronics tablets.  If you are a book worm trying to break your addiction to paper, March is a great time.  It’s national e-book month.  Use our promo codes and get yourself a great tablet from Verizon or T-Mobile. 

If you are already upgrading to the iPhone 6, T-mobile will throw in an iPad mini 3 at a steep discount.  Skeptical?  The cute, compact iPad mini 3 is about the same size of your Harlequin romance rag and fits in a purse.  An added bonus is that that your new Ipad mini is able to store hundreds of books—not just Jenny Swashbuckles the Pirate Prince, and the like. If you’re the type of reader that likes to graze over multiple books. an iPad is the way to go.  Use our codes for free shipping on your T-Mobile devices.

Even if you are not a recreational reader, an e-reading device can be helpful to people who need professional reference books on-hand.  You can even store PDFs for work in your iBooks library.  No need to print those PDFs out anymore.  The Amazon rainforest is thanking you!  Verizon offers 0% APR on many of their tablets and for an even better deal use our promo code for more savings by getting 30% off and free shipping on select phones and devices.

If you believe in an afterlife, it very well may be that Guttenberg is giving Steve Jobs a high five in nirvana.  With e-books you can enjoy multiples tomes at any time.  Use the convenience and value of our promo codes to launch into e-reading.  You may miss that crusted, crumply, weathered copy of the Complete Works of Shakespeare for a while, but you won’t miss lugging it around.