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National Thrift Shop Day

by Anne Middleton, on August 13th, 2015

Cheapskates are not obnoxious or bad people.  In fact, being frugal is trendy. And these lovers of getting a great deal can now rejoice in their methods of saving on the every popular “National Thrift Shop Day.”

This unique holiday is always celebrated on August 17th. If you haven't recently paid a visit to your local thrift shop, grab your loose change and small bills and revel in the joy of a discovering great deals simply by visiting a thrift store near you.

You'll be amazed at the treasures you'll find hidden among the racks and shelves within. You may never shop full retail again!

But you must also be a savvy shopper.  Thrift stores can actually be fraught with hidden dangers. “How can this be?” you ask.

Well, imagine that you are a budding professional or freshman college student requiring the number one essential equipment for these endeavors…a computer. But the expense of a new PC is simply out of reach. 

Being the saving conscious person admired by many, you proudly exhibit the behavior of securing a top-notched computer for minimal funds.

But after procuring a computer comes the scary part…
Is it possible that your device is more vulnerable to those evil villains in the news who infiltrate and destroy information and data to all who surf the internet?

Fear not!  With a little prevention, hackers will never penetrate your cyberspace.

Chances are that your economically priced PC was equipped with antiquated protection software, if it had any defense programs at all. Bitdefender software provides powerful anti-virus capability, is equipped with anti-spyware and even includes ID theft protection.

Cybercriminals are no match for Norton’s products that shield personal data from rogues stalking the internet, determined to unravel the peace of mind of surfing the web. Norton can block fake web sites from tricking you into revealing and disclosing delicate intelligence.

As a leader and pioneer in the category, McAfee anti-virus software effortlessly defends electronic devices.  McAfee’s monitoring techniques, coupled with timely email alerts, act like an early detection system against identity theft. 

So shop on, my frugal friend, but be cognizant that even a good deal must be protected.


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