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Natural State Shoes

by Anne Middleton, on September 9th, 2015

The Natural State, Arkansas, is known for being the home of the Clintons, having superb diamonds and quartz crystal.  If you’re from Arkansas, or just visiting, get into the Arkansas state of mind by getting some shoes fit for your Ozark adventure. 

Boston Proper’s Colorful Mystique Flat is perfect for any Little Rock Soiree or backyard barbecue.  Reminiscent of the state’s famed Uncle Sam diamond, your shoes will gleam like diamonds you’d find at Crater of Diamonds State Park--the only place on the North American continent where you can dig for diamonds for a small fee and keep what you find.  Our codes can help you save on great shoes from Boston Proper.  We can’t guarantee you’ll unearth a 40 carat diamond, but we can get you 10% off your order.

Razorbacks, have you checked to see if you have a marriage proposal in Spoofer’s Stone?  During the early history of the University of Arkansas, male and female students were not allowed to mingle. Sometimes they left love notes tucked into crevices of a limestone rock near Old Main. Spoofer's Stone became a popular site for marriage proposals.  Ladies, get yourself some Razorback hued shoes by UGG and traipse over to Spoofer’s Stone.  The Dempsey Slipper will look great on you and you won’t need financial aid and scholarship to afford it, just one of our codes.  Get free two-day shipping on your order.

Arkansas is known for its scenic beauty, but I bet you’d never guess there’s a world class museum and film festival in Bentonville.  Spearheaded by Geena Davis, the Bentonville Film Festival attracts hundreds of visitors to enjoy, world-class, thought provoking cinema each year.  And 21c Hotel, aka the Museum Hotel, boasts a fine collection.  Amble about the Museum Hotel in Converse.  With $5.95 shipping using our codes, take the savings and splurge in the gift store.

The state insect of Arkansas is the honeybee and my, do we have some sweet deals on Arkansas-themed shoe.  Whether you’re square-dancing in Little Rock, mining for quartz, showing your Razorback pride, or taking in some culture in Bentonville, we have great deals on shoes.  Use our codes and save!