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Olfaction Dissatisfaction

by Anne Middleton, on July 6th, 2015

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as Axe Body Spray or Secret Ultra Dry for cars. Car smells can be intensely annoying, as we are trapped in our cars for sometimes hours at a time.  Even if after a wh we go “nose blind” to the smell, others entrapped in your car will smell it.  If you have a pesky odor torturing your olfaction, here’s what you can do about it. 

First off, if you ever smell gasoline in your car, that’s a very bad thing and you need to get your car checked immediately.  There are five culprits:  injector leak, fuel tank leak, fuel line leak, faulty canister, or a missing gas cap.  If the true culprit is a missing gas cap, 4 Wheel Drive has a full assortment, even ones that lock if needed.  Get 5% off your order when you use our codes.  Hopefully it’s just a missing gas cap. 

Commonly, people complain about a musty or stale smell.  The best way to prevent this is to dry the evaporator before shutting off your car. If you run the blower motor/fan without the air conditioner on before shutting off your car, it will dry the evaporator and most of the moisture will evaporate, leaving nothing to cause that odor.  Remove the evaporator and wash it with soap, water, and bleach.  If the evaporator is beyond hope and smells like a French cheese even after washing, 4 Wheel Parts has replacement evaporator cores for sale, and you’ll get 5% off your order. 

Now if you have a candy-like smell permeating your car and you don’t use air freshener, this is probably coolant and, again, you’ll need to visit a mechanic.  However if you’re in the mood to create a lovely smell in your cabin, go for the Yankee Candle Car Jar Odor Neutralizing Air Freshener Pink Sands flavor from Advance Auto Parts.  With a 25% off Advance Auto Parts coupon, stock up!

If you need heavy-duty, hardcore odor elimination for your RV, go for the Thetford THF32901 Odor Eliminator.  Made of biodegradable, formaldehyde free, strongly formulated liquid, it leaves tanks clean, deodorized and lubricated.  It’s designed to control odor in portable waste tanks and stored RV holding tanks for up to six months.  So if you’ve got a RV that needs a deep clean, check out this product on Auto Parts Warehouse.  Save 5% off using our codes and get that RV clean.

If you have a dissatisfaction with the olfaction happening in your vehicle, it’s time to sniff out the problem.  Go online today and check out the myriad of products aimed at getting your car smelling better.