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The Perfect Solution for Fussy Pets

by Anne Middleton, on January 29th, 2015

Fluffy, Lucky and Princess hate their mass-produced, one-size-fits-all pet accoutrements.  They may be still be reeling from being dressed up as a ninja turtle at Halloween too, but just like you, pets are individuals.  Sometimes a cherished pet needs something more than what the pet store offers.

If your dog or cat is constantly opting for your bed instead of the pet bedding you bought her, perhaps it’s time to investigate making a more snug situation for her.  If your dog is having a “Princess and the Pea” moment, it could be that she’s too big for her bedding or her bedding is not soft enough.  In either case, allocate some tires and cluster them.  A round pillow and a piece of an old mattress topper will solve that pesky urge of hers to jump on the bed in the middle of the night.  A finicky feline might enjoy a canopy that affords her more privacy.  Auto Parts Warehouse has a variety of wares that can help you fashion the ideal bed for your beloved pet. 

Cats love to climb and some cats are also aerodynamic.  Some cats think they are like the squirrels and birds the feral members of the feline community eat.  If you have an aerodynamic cat, it’s better to create a sheltered opportunity to work out this urge to fly than to allow them to launch themselves bookshelf to bookshelf.  Suspend some tires from the garage ceiling securely.  Pair it with his cat tree and your cat will fulfill its deep urges to behave like a leopard without killing the bookshelf.  If you cat is a dedicated climber and bored with the cat tree, then you can mount tires on the wall too.  4 Wheel Drive has a stellar selection you can peruse. 

If your cats are assaulting pens, toes and everything else besides the cat toys, it might be time to consider giving them a more complicated novelty.  Suspend a mesh cargo net just above your feline’s reach.  Attach some gaudy toys he can bat at with some effort.  A little jingle goes a long way for this diversion.  A contented kitty makes for safer toes and less lost pens.  Advance Auto Parts can help you advance your cat’s comfort.

Cleaning that cat litter pan is always a drag.  What’s even more of a drag is that civet-like scent that emerges.  Even if your cat is a dainty darling, there still may be bit of litter that’s scattered around his toilet area.  To keep that litter off the floor, use a heavy duty liner a pickup truck.  It gives you plenty of surface area to sweep, protects the floor, and when it gets very dirty, you can hose it off.  Because it’s rubbery instead of fabric, Princess is less likely to claw at it.  4 Wheel Parts can help you clean up your cat’s act. 

Our fur babies need personalized solutions at times and auto parts can be the answer when the cookie-cutter pet supplies don’t meet your pet’s needs (or demands).  If you have a forest of cat trees that have failed to please and piles of under-utilized pet beds, it’s time to rethink how you shop for your pet.  Our promo codes can help you explore your options for keeping your pet content.