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Waterproof Your Phone

by Anne Middleton, on July 7th, 2015

Whether scuba-diving, surfing, lounging poolside or paddle boarding, summer means you’re diving in the water.  Hopefully, you’re phone isn’t unintentionally diving in with you!  You may have your spray tan and bikini bod ready, but your phone may not be ready.  Let’s get your phone waterproofed so you can frolic in the water.

Whether you’ve got an Ipad, an Iphone, a Samsung Galaxy phone, LifeProof has a waterproof case for you.  Don’t let your expensive device go skinny dipping, especially if it’s past its factory warranty.  Think of it as a swimsuit for your phone.  Get the whole family suited up with LifeProof covers from Verizon and if you’re looking for new mobile service, Verizon offers up to 50% off accessories!

It’s not a pool party without music.  However, it’s no fun having your old school boom box tethered to your house via an extension cord.  Look into ECOROX Rugged Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, which is 100% waterproof.  Its acoustically engineered and sealed speaker enclosure floats too!  Lounging by your pool just got so much more fun!  And you won’t get price-gouged paying for the speakers either, T-Mobile offers free shipping on order of $25 or more. 

You may love the water, but your phone probably won’t.  Summer-proof your phone with accessories from Verizon and get your fun on with T-Mobile.  Summer won’t last forever, but our codes will always be there for you to save on great mobile service and mobile products.