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April 21st, 2015
norton chef computer

Recipe for Disaster


Since graduating college, Lisa has been completely engrossed in achieving her dream of becoming a personal chef.  She started small, but has labored diligently to attain her goal of bringing healthy, fresh food to individuals and families with specific dietary requirements.

In fact, Lisa’s business has grown to the level where competitors not only notice her company’s growth, but they have become jealous of her success. Her rivals view her as a top-notched, high quality service that may become unbeatable.

The heart of Lisa’s triumph resides in her recipes.  She expends an enormous amount of effort researching and perfecting the taste and texture of every dish to meet her client’s insatiable demands. 

Every measurement, every ingredient and every nuance in creating the most sumptuous melt-in-your-mouth is documented on Lisa’s brand new computer.  Next to her business, Lisa’s new PC is her pride and joy.

Imagine Lisa’s horror when she accidently clicked on and opened an email encompassing a virus. She had been laboring for two days without rest preparing for a spring catering event and was mindlessly browsing through her in box when she inadvertently opened this document.

Suddenly, her eyes opened wider than one of her upside down cakes, fearing that her computer might become invaded by evil cyber villains.

Kudos and a big “hooray” to Lisa for being prepared and realizing the potential hazards of cyber criminals. 

Although her new personal computer arrived with very basic antivirus software, she had been wise to invest in additional protection.

Bitdefender antivirus solutions provide state-of-the-art, proactive protection from e-threats while also incorporating anti-theft, firewall, social network protection and more.

Anti-spyware provided by McAfee shields personal computers from malicious software while providing peace of mind while browsing the world wide web…something Lisa does daily to discover new delicacies and indulgences for her growing company.

As the threats get worse, Norton security products just keep getting better. Norton is so dedicated to providing top-notched web safety that they make the bold promise of guaranteeing to help keep your computers virus-free, or they will actually provide you with a refund.

Lisa’s flourishing business is thriving and she is well on the way accomplishing one of her life’s dreams. Yum.

April 14th, 2015
mcafee earth day

Earth Day 2015!


A day of loving our planet occurs on April 22nd…just around the corner from now.  What? You didn’t recall? Well it’s time to rejoice for the annual international Earth Day celebration!

This momentous day was initiated in 1970 when tree hugging was considered to be slightly insane and constituted bizarre behavior.  Forty-five years ago it simply was not fashionable to engage in eco-friendly actions to shield our earth from our selfish environmental habits.

At that time in our history, air pollution was commonly accepted and the word “environment” appeared only spelling bees (and was one of the most difficult words I personally learned to spell with the patience of my dad).

Wow how the world has changed since then. In 2015 our social consciousness has created a celebration of our biosphere.

Global festivals and rallies will be organized and attended by thousands of people in over 192 countries as they demonstrate support for environmental protection. People from Asia to Europe to the United States will participate in activities to raise public awareness for the health of the earth. To find ways to participate in your city, you can log onto http://www.earthday.org/2015.

mcaffee earth day celebrate


Protect the Earth, Protect Your Data
In today’s technology focused world, we are continually searching for the latest gadget or most updated device.  It is stimulating to be the first person to show-off our technology acumen and as we scramble to locate the hippest, freshest electronic apparatus being introduced.

As you procure a new computer, mobile phone or other such contraption, always assure your information is protected.  Many of these machines offer some defense against malware, hacking or nasty virus to infiltrate your recent acquisition. But it is a wise person who adopts a “more is better” outlook on internet security.

Everyone should consider integrating additional anti-malware, anti-spyware and antivirus software with extra security management features to improve overall internet security.

McAfee is more than just an antivirus company. They are the world's largest dedicated security technology company delivering proactive and proven solutions and services that help secure systems and networks around the world.

Most likely, you are familiar with Norton products.  This leader in anti-virus software continues to shield consumers and businesses of all sizes from the latest malware and emerging online threats.  Norton actually provides real-time protection against existing and emerging threats.

And a more recent, yet very experienced corporation who has entered the arena to guard our information is Bitdefender. Bitdefender antivirus solutions provide state-of-the-art, proactive protection from e-threats, including online banking attacks.

mcaffee earth protect

But Wait, There’s One More Step
What happens to the old electronics that are being replaced?

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s website reminds us that electronic products are manufacturer utilizing valuable resources and materials, including metals, plastics and glass, all of which require energy to mine and manufacture.

Donating or recycling consumer electronics conserves our natural resources and avoids air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by manufacturing virgin materials.

So as you engage in your Spring Cleaning rituals and celebrate our amazing world on Earth Day, take a moment to recycle your gadgets, protect your data and, of course, hug a tree.

April 3rd, 2015
mcaffee woman recycling

Software Boxes from a Green Goddess


Do you know a Green Goddess?  No, not the creamy, decadent, bizarre colored salad dressing that is slathered all over lettuce and other such green vegetables. 

But rather this term now refers to a gal who is environmentally conscious and goes to extremes in order to recycle just about everything. She is denoted as “green” because she cares about the long-term health of our planet.

I have a relative who fits this description to a tea.  She may be a bit kooky, but her heart is in the right place. 

For example, when friends and family recently purchased various antivirus software, my ecofriendly kin decided to re-purpose the boxes for some atypical applications, instead of just tossing the packaging in the trash.

Here are three inventive, novel, wonderful, yet wacky ideas that this family member conceived for use of these otherwise land-fill clogging boxes.

1. Artwork and Decor
BitDefender antivirus software developed by Romania-based brainiacs, is sold with intimating and attention-grabbing graphics on their software product.  Dacia was a territory in Europe where today lies Romania and thus, the connection to BitDefender.
The inhabitants of Dacia were famous for their courage in battle.  Bitdefender’s logo incorporates this ancient symbol of courage, the Dacian Draco. It is a graphic depiction of a half wolf – half dragon creature. 
When my conservationist relative spotted the award-winning Bitdefender antivirus box sitting on top of the trash, she snatched it and found a much more creative use for this attractive carton. 

The Bitdefender graphic from their box is now framed in recycled wood and sits above her boyfriend’s fireplace as artwork. A little creepy, but extremely original.

mcaffee recycle electronic

2. Keeping Cool
Although the middle of the country and the east coast have been entrenched in artic cold temperatures, those fortunate to reside in the western United States in deserts towns such as Phoenix, Las Vegas and Palm Springs, faced the fierce  sun.  In fact, the majority of these cities set record high temperatures for the month of March.

As the intense warm wave of air engulfed the west, electric fans were brought into every bedroom and living room in an attempt to cool the air and disperse the suffocating heat.

My innovative relative owns a humungous fan that she actually moves room to room.  It works well, but the only problem is that the base is no longer sturdy from all the shifting from location to location.  It wobbles. It doesn’t fall down, but the fan wobbles.

So when her little sister (not so little at 25 years old) procured McAfee protection software for her new personal computer to defend against hackers and uninvited cyber criminals, my genius kin ran off with the outer box. 

She worked for several minutes and folded this packaging into a neat rectangle. Then she inserted it under one of the feet of the stand holding up her “wind machine.”

Problem solved.  The fan continues to circulate the air and the wobble is gone!macffee fan 1

3. Play Time
In our family, there are some very young children who are at the precious stage of life where their dolls and stuffed animals are the center of their world.

When my conservation-oriented relative saw the Norton antivirus box about to be discarded, she had a brilliant idea. 

She grabbed the case and with some fancy scissor work, she manipulated this basic packaging into a teeny bed for one of the young girl’s small dolls. The Norton software container was transformed from a simple retail product box to a dolly’s crib, complete with a cardboard pillow.


So think “out of the box” and you, too can create your own masterpieces from simple software packaging.  Protect your electronic data and information and help save the earth all at the same time!

March 31st, 2015
mcafee woman television

Maintaining Luke & Laura’s Lineage


Are you one of the trillions of soap opera devotees who schedule lunch breaks, school courses and parental responsibilities around viewing daytime dramas? 

Although some major networks no longer televise this fantasy afternoon delight programming, these daylight productions maintain their immense popularity worldwide.

We have always wondered, “how the heck do the writers keep all the characters’ relationships from overlapping?  How do the evil twins not end up married or worse?”

mcaffee typewriter

Technology to the Rescue
The dawn of electronic devices has become the best friend of the soap opera dramaturges. Spreadsheets, flow charts and diagrams ease the weary task of identifying all the individuals on a family tree and assure there are no naughty interactions. 

Without the benefit of computer programs to easily update new and current characters and their twisted relationships, there would exist even more bizarre and convoluted interactions than already occur.

For example, super soap opera couple Luke and Laura Spencer is part of the first family in daytime television. Their appearance on endless episodes of General Hospital is a fan favorite across numerous generations .

As of 2014, four different generations of Spencers were represented on the program with eight different characters having been written off as “deceased.”

Ah ha….but are these personalities really gone and buried forever?  As all daytime drama lovers understand, the absence of a dead actor is not always permanent, so stay tuned.  You never know who will arise through the miracle of television medicine or reappear as a look-alike cousin.mcaffee tv

Keeping it Interesting
The authors of these scripts have an overwhelming job to keep the public interested, include wacky relationships (within the realm of possibilities) and maintain fresh story lines.

To assure everything is kept consistent, protection of their software is paramount.  If just one crazed fan hacked the studio computer and successfully altered the data, it would be catastrophic.  Messing with the chronicles of which stars are married and which are participating in incestuous relationships, would be virtually impossible to recreate.

Thank goodness antivirus software developed by McAfee defends against cyber intruders. McAfee provides top-notched security for both Windows and Mac devices. Their antivirus software even encrypts critical business information so no television character features can be modified without permission.

Bitdefender performs just as it name presents….it defends electronic devices against evil invaders who attempt to trespass into valuable and precious files. Bitdefender is easy-to-use, easy to install and most importantly, simple to understand.mcaffee alarm

Often, freelancers are employed by studios to contribute fresh concepts to these never ending scripts.  These independent contractors operate with multiple devices when creating their brilliant plot twists.  Norton understands the necessity for shielding all types of technological gadgets from harm. Their software has been developed to keeping smartphones and tablets safe from loss and privacy concerns, as well as shielding laptops and desktops from online threats.

So rest easy, soap opera addicts.  The lineage of Luke and Laura and your beloved daytime drama stars are safe and secure when protected by these premiere antivirus guardians.

March 30th, 2015
mcaffee kid reading

New Dr. Seuss


It’s true, It’s true,
Climb a tree and shout “Woo Hoo,”
Dr. Seuss has a new book,
And in July we will all get a look!

Okay, so I am not as a prolific a rhymer as the beloved Dr. Seuss. His parables are legendary and a cherished memory from everyone’s childhood.

But this amazing news is still correct,
And this book will be a sell-out, we bet!

I’ll pause with the corny prose now and share this spectacular, earth-shattering news.

Even though the much loved Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, passed away over 20 years ago, his fans were flabbergasted when an unpublished manuscript of his work was recently unearthed.

What a Day!
Dr. Seuss has more to say!

There are fresh and innovative new verses soon to be distributed!

Geisel's widow, Audrey, located the manuscript and more importantly, the illustrations in their Southern California home soon after her husband died. She carefully and painstakingly set the materials aside, only to forget about them until 2013 while cleaning out his cluttered office.

Guidance for Getting a Pet
This previously unpublished story captures the excitement of the classic childhood moment of choosing a pet. Appropriately titled “What Pet Should I Get?” was most likely penned by the good doctor between 1958 – 1962.  Astonishing.  Simply astonishing.mcaffee kid pet 1

The cover design drawn by Geisel himself is the typical whimsical Seuss graphics. It captures a young boy surrounded by an irregularly proportioned group of pets (cat, bird, fish and dog) all seemingly encompassing human attributes.  Just this small bit of artwork makes every person who views it grin ear to ear.

But there is a drop of sadness with this discovery.  Wouldn’t it have been sweet if Dr. Seuss could have been alive to see his beloved animal friends come alive in hardcover?

The Times They Are A Changing
The likelihood of any author in today’s technologically oriented world having undiscovered verses is virtually impossible to comprehend.

Today, most authors engage their prose and designs on personal laptops, Macs and even tablets.  These tales live in perpetuity electronically, especially when they are protected by some of the best antivirus software from McAfee or Norton or Bitdefender.

Imagine if Dr. Seuss had spun his rhymes and fables on a brightly colored personal computer.  Edits could have been made lightning fast if he utilized technology instead of pen and paper to describe the mischief of his kooky characters.  And with McAfee, hackers and plagiarists would never have a chance to steal his brilliant and original narratives.

Visualize the drawings he could have scanned onto his hard drive so they never aged, became torn or ragged.  Bitdefender provides specific software for Macs with 24/7 protection again e-threats.  Dr. Seuss’ pictures would be preserved for all eternity if he were alive when computers were the norm.mcaffee art 1

But alas, there was no processor or mainframe for Norton to guard when the legendary Dr. Seuss created Horton, the Grinch and especially the Cat in the Hat.

We should just count our lucky stars that these precious documents were recovered and will soon be shared with the world.

Thank you, Dr. Seuss. You are forever in our hearts.

The joy you bring,
Continues to make our hearts sing.

mcaffee girl books

March 13th, 2015

Easter Surprise!


It was almost exactly a year ago that the most disgusting odor known to mankind emanated from your downstairs fireplace. The aroma was so repulsive, that you and your family became nauseated just walking up from the basement to the living room.

It seemed like an eternity until you were able to add up the clues and discover the culprit of this repelling stench. And when you did unearth the cause of the repugnant stink, you were utterly embarrassed.

The Background
From the time when your three kids were no bigger than knee-high, the traditional Easter party has been held at your humble abode.  Brunch, bonnets and blooming bouquets are always part of the awe-inspiring holiday merriment.

But the true center of attention belongs to the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  It is not a simple event to create.  Every year the extended family has grown and now numbers 45 people, with a voluminous amount of new children popping up yearly.

Last Easter you hardboiled and decorated over 180 Easter Eggs to hide for the munchkins so they could search for and discover these treasures with squeals of delight.

You are extremely shrewd in your hiding locations.  Not only do you attempt to conceal these oval symbols of the Easter celebration, you engage in extra precautions….you take painstaking measures to record the whereabouts of each of the 180 eggs on an excel sheet on your personal computer.

What could ever go wrong?

The Tragedy
But last year it appears there was a hiccup in your calculations.  Reviewing your spreadsheet that disclosed all obscure secret locations of the precious eggs, you noticed that you neglected to document the covert site of two of these chalky shelled items painted bright pink and blue.

As it turned out, eggs #179 and #180 were left behind after the festivities concluded, rotting away in your brick and marble chimney.  These orphan eggs were only attained when this pair of perishable objects released their sickening scent which could not be ignored.

You would like to blame the error on your “secret hiding place” list on unscrupulous hackers.  It would be awesome if the absence of data for the site of the two eggs on your spreadsheet could be blamed on outside influences.

But this is impossible.  Your technology protection from Bitdefender is constantly and automatically updated.  Hackers attack where they see weakness. But Bitdefender software assures the latest antivirus software is part of their suite of programs that shield your PC and Mac from harm.

And when you installed Norton software, it removed virus, malware, Trojan and worm infections on your computer. Norton’s anti-virus program shields your equipment from the countless methods hackers use to break in to electronic devices.

The likelihood of a virus penetrating your email would be virtually impossible since McAfee trained you never to respond to an unexpected email or website that asks you for personal information or your login details, no matter how professional it looks.

From now on, you vow to use only plastic colored eggs. This will eliminate the potential hazard of overlooking where they were hidden and evade the chance that this rogue food item can release even a whiff of a nasty smell in your home.

Problem solved.

March 10th, 2015

3 Quintessential Reasons Not to Click


For numerous folks, this has been a daunting and challenging couple of months, even years, struggling with their finances. 

Car and home insurance payments must be disbursed, gas prices are escalating, the California drought led to the mounting costs of produce, heating oil expenses soared …even the fast food chains prices skyrocketed.

When an email with an enticing subject line materializes in your in-box advising that you are now the lucky winner of thousands of dollars, you can barely resist the impulse to seize your mouse and click to unseal the contents.

STOP! Avoid the temptation! The consequences of releasing this communique could be devastating to your computer and demolish your essential files.

Here are three monumental reasons you absolutely must not expose the contents of any electronic communication from a stranger…

1. Infected Email Viruses.

Rule number one is never open an electronic message dispatched from someone (anyone) you don’t recognize. The email address may seem tender and enticing (like winmoney@funtimes.com), but you must identify this teasing as impending danger.  If infected, you will be required to devote an enormous amount of time and labor trying to revive your computer and documents from the impact of this toxic email.

2. Don’t Detach If You Don’t’ Know.

Everyone has harkened the awkward story of a corporate employee who releases an attachment that they trust is legitimate. 

Unfortunately, for this naïve staffer, the add-on file is not an authentic spreadsheet…it is actually nasty or pornographic material that is spread to co-workers and executives just by opening the addendum.  This employee who failed to take precautions has set free a virus infecting the entire establishment one computer at a time.

Remember, just because an email message looks like originated from your mom, best buddy or even your boss doesn't mean that it did. Viruses can "spoof" the email address, so it deceives you that the message came from someone else. Don’t become the office scapegoat…you want to be popular at work, but not this way!

3. Trust Your Instincts

We have all worked in this wacky technology oriented world for long enough to discern if an email or an attachment seems suspicious. If you are wary, the most efficacious plan of action is to simply delete it….permanently.  Don't let your curiosity put your computer at risk. “If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true!”

Antivirus software can help. Whether you and your organization choose the high-quality software from Norton, McAfee or Bitdefender, use your high level of intellect to opt for the program that supports not just your basic needs, but defends and shields your gadgets far into the immeasurable future.  The best type protection packages are updated continuously, at no additional cost, often without you having to lift a figure or touch the keyboard.

Antivirus software defends your vulnerability to viruses, malware and other evil electronic scoundrels desperate to hack into your devices. It is categorically and unequivocally a worthy investment.

March 4th, 2015
norton big footprint

Sasquatch and Software


Rodney can’t recall a time in his existence that he has not been obsessed with pursuing the mysterious legend of Big Foot. 

In fact, when he was old enough, he relocated to the Pacific Northwest where the majority of sightings for this enormous, hairy humanoid creature have most frequently been observed.

He has resided in this fertile area of Big Foot visions for 45 years now and remains convinced that this ape-like animal roams the expansive territory adjacent to his homestead.

norton green forest

Unlike most scientists, Rodney would never (ever) dismiss the existence of Sasquatch. In fact, he is convinced he detected a fleeting glimpse of this eight foot tall beast back in 2002. Regretfully, he was not able to capture a photo of this mammoth object, but he witnessed footprints as large as 20” and an unpleasant aroma in the area.  These are both well-known attributes of this infamous lumbering animal-type being.

No one believes him.  Not one single person. Most judge him as a partial lunatic. 

So Rodney initiated his own log book. Every happenstance that has even a shred of evidence that it might be connected to Big Foot is documented. He archives every hair, claw marking and potential nest of this gargantuan monster.  Armed with his trusty tablet, he scours the forest under the eerie night sky, guided only by the light of the moon. Just prior to daybreak, he returns home and faithfully syncs the fresh data to his PC and backs up the information.

norton forest night

Several of his neighbors have grown weary of his expeditions and vow to put a stop to Rodney’s sleuthing for this mythical ogre.  When an attempt to hack the invaluable “evidence” on Rodney’s tablet and computer was exposed, he snickered.  His facts and figures were tamper-proof due to the highest technological antivirus software available in today’s wacky world.

Antivirus programs from leaders in the category include McAfee, now part the world's largest dedicated security technology company. McAfee delivers proactive and proven solutions that protect consumers and businesses of all sizes from the latest malware and emerging online threats.

Powerful Norton antivirus software safeguards all of Rodney’s equipment (PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets) with specialized security for each gadget. Norton shields computers from viruses, online extortions and identity theft while providing peace of mind.

Bitdefender's award-winning antivirus programs provide state-of-the-art defense mechanisms from e-threats. Bitdefender includes device anti-theft, firewall, parental controls, online storage and sync, social network protection and more comprehensive support.

norton guy computer

With this preeminent antivirus software, the concept of the townsfolks intercepting Rodney’s self-proclaimed “valuable” data on Big Foot is ineffective and pathetic.  His search for his perceived bushy buddy will continue uninterrupted.

You may not personally be in search of Sasquatch, but shouldn’t you verify your electronic gizmos are protected with the most elite and effectual products ?

March 3rd, 2015

Aging Parental “Social Security”


Those of a certain generation first became internet users very late in their life.  Yes, shockingly, it’s true.  There was a time where computers did not exist.

The experience on the web of these elder statesmen is naturally limited.  Texting is still a foreign language to these “mature” adults who grew up believing the world is an honest society, populated with individuals possessing only noble intentions.  And that includes trusting everyone and everything on the World Wide Web.

So understandably, the offspring of this aging demographic endures grave apprehension regarding their parent’s vulnerability when operating their computers, opening and responding to every email. What’s a child to do when mom and dad are too trustworthy?

Remember the commercial that shows a feeble woman of advanced age struggling to say, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” This message clearly preys on the guilt of the young for not being able to take care of their geriatric parents.  In today’s technological arena, the same helpless sentiments are evoked when our senior relatives engage on the web.

Do This Now
This pension-aged demographic is significantly susceptible to cybercrime. Common sense suggests their computers are not as safe and fortified from outside threats as they should be in this age of technology. 

Your parents are pretty intelligent people…after all they raised you and you turned out okay.  So grab your patience and educate them on the necessity for premiere computer security programs. Helping them understand protection from unfamiliar and nameless scoundrels is indispensable.

As relative novices, this advanced age group is typically naïve in the inner workings of electronic devices.  There is a substantial probability they haven't even heard the term “Antivirus Software.” In fact, they probably associate anything named “antivirus” with the medical field.

No matter the age or level of internet experience, every individual must be armed with a high quality, reliable protection program that can continuously detect and eliminate hazardous menaces.

Young at Heart
Those labeled as “over-the-hill” are often more bold, daring and adventurous than we anticipate. Heck, the oldest contestant on Survivor was 72 years young (Rudy Boesch) when he competed in Borneo.

And today, there exist active nonagenarians and octogenarians surfing the web for their next wild escapade.

Logically, this active crowd should promptly install Norton software. Norton will maintain the safety of these retired grown-ups on their devices and avoid unsafe websites and suspicious downloads. This investment in safety software will preserve your peace of mind as your parents explore extreme vacations in far-off lands.

Once trained, retirees treasure their email communication to their children and grandchildren. Many believe Face Time and Skype have supernatural powers.  And photos launched across the miles result in endless smiles for everyone.

These ageless members of our world deserve to converse with friends and relatives without trepidation. McAfee protection prevents email attacks and proactively intercepts emails that originate from suspicious sources.  This advanced technology provides grandparents with ultimate security without extra effort.

Connecting with products to prevent crooks from hacking is essential and even reassuring. Bitdefender delivers file encryption to create scrambled, password-protection on gadgets to guard your confidential and sensitive documents. The data stored can only be accessed by users who know the password.

All over the planet, cultures have transformed into entities that value electronic communication.  Today’s leaders in antivirus software provide methods to make it insanely simple to prevent agonizing over elderly parents’ vulnerability with their electronic interactions. 

Don’t let the threat of evil hackers infiltrating your loved ones devices keep you awake at night.

February 26th, 2015

Wild, Wild West


The settling and homesteading of the untamed, Wild West began in the early 1800’s.  Today there is another lawless and undisciplined environment that requires freshly trained and educated professionals.

It’s a fact…safeguarding our technology with high level security strategies possesses astonishing similarities to conquering the Wild, Wild West.

Both these battles share parallel characteristics.  For example, settling the American Frontier was a dangerous undertaking, just as in today’s electronic world, protecting data is a perilous occurrence. 

Both stages of our history are comprised of wicked villains endeavoring to derail good old-fashioned progress.  These desperados are capable of implementing widespread distress among our citizens.  Their sneaky methods would be successful if not for the crafty skills of order-abiding officers.

So fear not, my fellow cowboys and cowgirls.  There are honorable lawmen (and women) that have emerged in this technology town to take on the outlaws of spyware and seize their malevolent tools of destruction.

The Wyatt Earp of this electronic age is the renowned software available from Norton. Just as Wyatt Earp’s reputation as a fearless marshal is recalled even after over 85 years post-mortem, Norton Antivirus software will be forever celebrated as a pioneer in electronic safety.

Installing Norton’s premiere programs will bestow upon your network the equal reassurance relished by the pioneering settlers of the Old West.  You can rest easy with rock-solid Norton protection for all of your devices.

The unsurpassed protagonist of the Old West is Mr. John Wayne.  This cinematic hero summons up images as a tough and rugged cowboy. As a result of his 175 cinematic achievements, John Wayne eternally dwells in our memories as a valiant, confident and courageous hero.

Mirroring John Wayne’s bravery, McAfee stands tall and never flees from danger.  Since McAfee began defending our electronic gizmos, contraptions and widgets in 1987, their elite status in antivirus software has been unparalleled.

When BitdDfender galloped onto the cyber scene, they were ready to become the quintessential symbol of antivirus protection.  Like Clint Eastwood, they won countless awards, but never allowed their ego to get in their way from sheltering the public from the fight against malware.

These and other famous gunmen, rough necks and motion picture superstars epitomize the ultimate security of protecting American citizens. 

As we enter this fluctuating, new frontier of technology fraught with bad guys and bandits, it is reassuring to have distinguished and legendary corporations shielding us from the dangers of cyber criminals.

Hi Ho Silver!