verizon mom breastfeeding

21st Century Breastfeeding

by Anne Middleton, on September 8th, 2015

Lactation is not something women normally think about unless they have to lactate.  It’s not featured in glossy magazines like Cosmo very often and it’s a sometimes headline when a women decides to breastfeed in a public place. Teaching a baby to suckle is as old as humanity itself—that’s why humans are considered mammals!  Now, breastfeeding has gotten a high tech revamp with mobile phones and devices.

Breastfeeding looks simple enough but many women struggle.  There’s also a myriad of considerations to factor in, such as timing of feedings and making sure new moms have the nutritional intake needed to sustain nursing.  The Apple app store has an array of apps that can support new mothers, including the Baby Nursing/Breastfeeding Activity Log by Sevenlogics.  Besides logging diaper changes, sleeping schedules, measurements, doctor visits and solid food intake, you can also quantify the baby’s nursing schedule and bottle feeding times.  Feel sluggish and tired out?  We accept that as a normal predicament of a new mom, but you may not be eating enough to sustain lactation.  The Breast Feeding Caloric Calculator will help you keep track of your calories to be sure you are eating enough to feed that little bundle of joy.  You’ll want a great Ipad or Iphone and T-Mobile has the devices to make you feel like a supermom.  With free shipping on all orders of $25 or more using our codes, you’ll want an Iphone for you and Ipad for the nursery.

Believe it or not, men can lactate under extreme circumstances and there’s even an anecdote in Anna Karenina about it and whispers about it in the Talmud.  There has to be a major hormonal spike for men to lactate, so we don’t suggest you rely on hubby to help out, but Verizon can help out by connecting you to great Android devices.  E-books in the Google Play store include The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and The ABCs of Breastfeeding.  Verizon offers free shipping on all orders using our codes, so go ahead and get that Motorola Droid Turbo.  It would be a nice consolation prize for your non-lactating husband. 

Breastfeeding is primeval, but new technologies can help take it into the 21st century.  Whether you need help keeping track of your babe’s alimentation or not sure if you’re eating enough yourself, apps and e-books are available to help.  Use our codes to connect to great devices from Verizon and T-Mobile and the resources of Google Play and the Apple app store.