monster leprechaun hat

4 Fun Job Options for Leprechauns

by Anne Middleton, on March 17th, 2015

It’s that time again….the unique occasion when rivers run green and we raise our beer mugs to salute the Irish.  And what better time to find an excuse to talk about leprechauns?

We each have a glimmer of an idea on why this historic old man, clad in a green coat and hat is celebrated.  Even though he is a master of fun and merriment, he has become beloved for the potential of leading us to the hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Did you realize that the leprechaun’s principal occupation (other than engaging in mischief and practical jokes) is making and mending shoes?

But this peculiar bearded chap wearing cumbersome buckled shoes can be productive at many more jobs than just a cobbler.  Today, if a leprechaun investigated options for employment on, he might find that he would be an excellent fit for the amusing opportunities listed below.

1. Leprechauns are wee small creatures and they would be an excellent addition to any golf course. “Why?” you ask.  Although they could not be hired as caddies, with their compact height they are ideal to retrieve golf balls out of the holes so players do not have to bend over and strain their backs.  Perhaps this might even assist Tiger Woods in getting back on the course.

2. Leprechauns are also very keen musicians who play tin whistles, the fiddle and even the harp. Should a leprechaun require employment, it is very plausible that they could achieve membership in a band and provide entertainment at weddings, reunions and bar mitzvahs.

3. In their later stages of pregnancy, many women have problems reaching down to put on their shoes and socks over their growing baby belly. A playful leprechaun is a perfect assistant to collaborate with a baby mama on this demanding activity. At a maximum of three feet in height, a leprechaun is the ideal aid and is very capable of tying up the laces in a perfect knot.

4. Don’t be surprised if you see a leprechaun win the “Mirrored Ball” trophy on Dancing with the Stars.  Leprechauns are legendary for the skills and talents in kicking up their heels. They are actually notorious for their cheerful and peppy dance style.  It wouldn’t be out of the question for a leprechaun to launch their own dance studio, adorned with shamrocks and green walls.

But most important of all, is the job this magical fairy-like creature continues to perform as the mascot for the 1960’s cereal we all still love today, Lucky Charms.  After all, they’re magically delicious!

All this goes to substantiate that if a door closes (i.e. you lose your job), a window will open elsewhere (i.e. think out of the box and explore other options). can help whether you are a leprechaun or mere mortal.