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4 Tips for SKYPE Interview Success

by Anne Middleton, on February 18th, 2015

Yikes! If interviewing for new employment isn’t stressful enough, nowadays it is a universal practice for the initial meeting to transpire over the internet.  And if you’ve recently connected with others via SKYPE or Face Time, you are cognizant that these visual technological programs do not always promote your finest features (can you say ‘chubby chin?’).

But make no mistake about it…digital face-to-face communication is here to stay. offers top-notch pointers on the most suitable responses to career interrogations.  You would be wise to check out this easily-accessed material.

Your next step is to master the on-line, in-person interview process via the web.  It may be a common occurrence to visit with friends and family nonchalantly via these pictorial software applications.  But interviewing for a coveted job through this unique method requires skill and grace.

We encourage you to peruse these 4 imperative tips in advance of engaging in this high-tech modern hiring process:

1. Look Behind You
Are you neglecting the disorderly condition of your habitat? Consider the fact that your potential employer quizzing you via SKYPE can not only see you, but can view what is in your vicinity.
o Is your closet door open with your dirty clothes hamper exposed to the screen?
o Is your kitchen looming in the background with the nasty unwashed dishes from last night’s spaghetti dinner?
o Will you be video chatting in your dorm room with a neon beer sign over your shoulder and your intoxicated roommate asleep in their bunk?

Tip: Solicit the assistance of a trustworthy buddy. Query them on the actual items they observe on their monitor while yacking with you over the web.  Remember, during the conference you may walk around or tilt the laptop screen. Hence, the motive to clean up your environment and make a favorable impression. There is no room for clutter!

2. Wardrobe Malfunctions
Yes, even via the world wide web, what you wear could sway your future boss.  Don’t just throw on a nice shirt and risk wearing old gym shorts fraught with holes.  Murphy’s Law will catch up to you…The one time you keep on your pajama bottoms or boxers is the one time that your computer will be bumped off your table, exposing yourself in unwanted ways.

Tip: Nothing less than professional attire should be considered for your on-line interview. Business casual garments are acceptable, but don’t be caught in your undies. Dress for success, even in your own home.

3. Can You Hear Me Now?
Technology is grand, but it is not perfect.  Clear and calm voice and video communications should be your mantra.

Avoid swaying and moving around during the conversation. Avoid that swivel chair.  It is annoying when a person appears and disappears from the frame because of their fidgeting.  Speak slowly and clearly since there is often a delay between the two parties (it is commonplace for people to talk over each other when they are engaged in dialogue via the internet).

Tip: Demonstrate upright posture (no slouching) and be a polite listener. Let the interviewer conclude their thought completely prior to responding.  It is permissible to nod or smile while they are verbalizing, but the prospective employer will become irritated if they believe you are talking before they are finished.

4. It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
At the conclusion of the webcam interview, be sure you have disconnected both from sound and picture programs before you do or say anything further.  There are countless tales of disasters from candidates who made derogatory comments, changed their apparel or shared an intimate tidbit while their video chat was still live.

Tip: Just because you think you've hung up, doesn't mean you have. Vocational expert Dr. Paul Bailo says, "Wait two minutes after the camera and audio are turned off -- just in case it isn’t. You don’t want to say or do anything that can negatively impact your performance.”

Even though you are situated in a comfy and familiar setting, all the regular interview rules apply. Prepare, practice and success will be yours!