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6 Benefits of Boating That You Can Afford and Enjoy

by Anne Middleton, on October 7th, 2014

Today’s chaotic, yet demanding lifestyle is challenging for all of us. A perfect way to combat stress and enjoy the outdoors is to hit the water and start boating. Believe it or not, cruising the waterways does not have to be a fantasy. 

Being on the water helps reduce stress, calms the nerves and imparts countless other health benefits. Boating is an absolute pleasurable method of relaxation that keeps you active and contributes to your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Itemized in no particular order we present six super advantages of boating:

1. Bonding. Boating is a proven method to bond with friends and family members. Don’t own a boat? Don’t want the responsibilities of owning a water vehicle?  Don’t have the money to possess a boat? Then you can easily rent a variety of water crafts for day (or more) at one of your local marinas.

Experience all types of aquatic vehicles from a paddle boat to a sailboat to even a houseboat with an affordable day trip. Recreational boating is quality time spent away from the television set and the video games, creating an atmosphere that brings people together and creates fond memories to last a lifetime.  Capture these remembrances with a camera from Canon.  They offer a wide range of digital and 35mm film cameras, lenses and accessories at values that will astound you.

2. Fishing. Usher your spouse, kids, grandkids, friends and family out for a day of fishing. You have blast watching the young ones’ eyes light up when they catch a big one.
But you’ll need some knowledge and equipment before you hit the high seas. Learn how to fritter your time away on the water from such premiere magazines as Boating World, Bassin and Sport Fishing by purchasing an economical subscription from 

Also be sure to visit Sports Authority before you set sail.  They sell all the paraphernalia required for beginners to expert fishermen (or women). From rods and reels to waders, Sports Authority can fulfill your every wish.

3. Swimming. Nothing is quite as refreshing as a dip in the water off your vessel on a blistering day. Kids of all ages enjoy a plunge into the cool, refreshing liquid. And if you are searching for the perfect swimsuit to wear on deck, then Swimsuits for All is the place for you. Yes, swimwear can be expensive, but this internet institution dispenses deals with realistic prices. You’ll unearth the perfect ensemble for your time on the water. Just remember the sunscreen!

4. Tubing and Water and Board Sports.  Try the unexpected. Try tubing. This boundless activity is enjoyed by every one of every age. Adults and kids will laugh and squeal as they skim across the water on their favorite towable and floatable raft-like contraption. Water skiing and wakeboarding are also popular and will get everyone nice and tired for a restful night’s sleep. A humungous quantity of choices for fun flotation devices await you at 

5. Knot Tying. On a slightly wackier note, were you aware that there are more than 32 knots in sailing and boating?  Ropes and knots that anchor your boat to the dock are obviously important.  Visit for premiere quality boating lines in an assortment of gauges. And as soon as you all learn to tie sturdy knots, how about a contest? Who can tie a Bowline Knot the fastest?  Winner gets to drive the boat!

6. There’s an app for that. New to water travel? Not only are classes offered, but technology provides loads of options for boating. For example:
a. AnchorAlert.  Avoid a predictable disaster with this app. Protect yourself from running aground or drifting into other boats while at anchor. AnchorAlert will warn you when your anchor drags or breaks loose based on parameters you set.
b. Boat Ramps. Don’t want to wait to get your vessel into the water? Is your regular ramp too crowded or closed? This app allows you to rapidly locate and get directions to more than 35,000 boat ramps throughout the good old USA.
c. Boating Suite.  Designed to satisfy the most meticulous cruiser, Boating Suite has a log book, maintenance log, expense log, to-do list and shopping list — plus a “my boat” module for your serial numbers, registration, insurance information and more.

Now all you need is a state-of-the-art cell phone so you can download these apps. T-Mobile to the rescue!

From the ridiculous to the sublime, touring the waterways has extraordinary benefits for every family member.  Boating allows for the creation of traditions and unforgettable photographs that will last for years to come.