6 Classes To Expand Your Horizons

Read about 6 different classes you can take to become a more well-rounded person.

by Anne Middleton, on June 3rd, 2016

It’s likely that the last time you stepped into a classroom was several years ago.  Once we are out of the learning cycle, it is easy to become complacent. Maybe now is the time to venture outside your comfort zone and attempt new things, regardless of your age.  Unlike when we were forced to attend school and take specific classes, community colleges offer exceptional opportunities to educate yourself on the topics you really care about.  If you always wanted to expand you knowledge in the kitchen and take a cooking class, community colleges are an excellent choice.  If you have considered a class in self-protection, like karate, look no further than your local community college extension course. The possibilities are truly endless.

No more procrastinating. Now is a great time to become a complete and even more well-rounded person!

1. Kiss the Cook

A cooking class is extremely useful and can teach new techniques to make you look and feel like a professional chef. Cooking classes are not just a great way to learn to prepare specific ethnic cuisines or become educated on healthy eating, it is a great way to be more social and offers a different location for couples to enjoy each other’s company.

Cooking classes are truly entertaining. You’ll meet new people and whether you sign up as a couple, with your best friend or for a mother-daughter experience, on just on your own, you're sure to have a few laughs and educate yourself in the process.

Cooking classes can be taught at community colleges, restaurants and even some retail stores.  These unique environments allow you try new ingredients and seasonings that you would never consider buying on your own. You may even learn to flip a pancake in the air or create a dessert that flames at the table, just like on those fancy cooking shows.

Cooking classes are not just for people who want to become leading chefs.  It is a simple way to get that “go-to, signature dish” to wow friends and family. 

If you’re young and have relied mostly on take-out dining during your culinary existence, cooking classes offer a new experience that will benefit you and teach you a necessary life skill.  Plus cooking at home provides a great sense of accomplishment, increases your confidence and it can even save you money.

2. Communication & Speaking Courses

Communication and business classes help you develop essential skills required in daily interactions.   Whether you are speaking to one or one hundred people, it’s important to learn how to articulate your message clearly. It is important to develop the ability to get your point across and speak with confidence and become a well-rounded person who can speak on a multitude of topics.

For many people, conversing during a job interview or speaking publicly is a huge fear. Recruiters have found that communication and teamwork are some of the most sought-after skills when companies are deciding who to hire.

Enroll in a business or communication class at your local community college and you’ll obtain the ability to keep conversations flowing and excel in a variety of situations.

3. Karate

Originated in Japan centuries ago, karate is system of self-development using the quick, sharp action of kicks and punches. Karate is not a violent sport.  Rather, it teaches respect.  Every class starts with a bow, salute or handshake. And after each karate session or drill, the individuals salute each other to in show of respect.

No matter what your age, karate can help you feel safe and confident in today’s world. But that’s not the only benefit people seek out from karate classes given in their neighborhood or at a community college.  This particular martial art is a great way to:

• Get in shape

• Improve coordination and focus

• Relive stress

• Learn leadership skills

• Become self-disciplined

• And just have fun!

Karate requires that you challenge yourself and overcome obstacles.  It allows you to become a more well-rounded person.  The lessons you learn from karate will be applied to all aspects of your life now and in the future.

4. Web Design/Development

It’s no secret that basic computer skills are now a must for every career and every household. Whether you are promoting your own cooking classes or have a karate studio, every business needs a website these days. Get ahead of the curve and take a course in the basics of web development offered at a college in your community. The internet is here to stay.

5. Yoga

In this insanely hectic world, slowing down and find calmness and inner peace is a daily challenge.  Yoga is an exceptional method to connect your body and mind. Research has demonstrated that by reducing stress, worry and anxiety, yoga lessens the stress response systems. This, in turn, helps reduce the heart rate, lower blood pressure and even ease respiration for an overall sensation of calm.  Using Yoga regularly as a coping strategy will help bring about positive changes in your life, both on and off the mat.

Every city offers a wide range of yoga classes.  Some that are taught at a community college may even be free.  And there are apps you can download and You Tube videos you can watch to achieve a more balanced life.  Namaste.

6. Dance the Day & Night Away

Whether you’re five or fifty-five, you will certainly find yourself in social situations where there is dancing.  It could be as simple as attending a wedding or as wild as going to a bachelorette event.  A well-rounded person is one who can hold their own on a dance floor.

Whether you like the intensity of the tango, the gyrations of doing the salsa, the romance of a waltz, the swinging of a square dance or the memories of the jitterbug… or even just moving to the beat of the music, everyone should try a dance class at least once. 

Most community colleges offer beginner to advanced dance classes to give everyone the courage to get out on the dance floor.

Try It – You May Really Like It

There is no time like the present to sign-up for a class or join a club related to something new.  There are courses for virtually every topic out there and many are available at your local community college. Taking a class outside your comfort zone is a great way to expose yourself to something you know little or nothing about. You just may love it.

Many cities offer adult education classes in a variety of topics that range from cooking and painting to karate and foreign languages. These classes are typically small, inexpensive and will give you the opportunity to explore an area of interest that you have yet to tackle. Contact your local community college and never stop learning.





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