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80s Fashion Strikes Again

by Anne Middleton, on July 14th, 2015

The 1980s were not exactly a sophisticated time in fashion history. Those of us who survived the decade of acid-washed denim, big hair and leg warmers tend to hide the photographic evidence. But, fashion is a revolving door and everything eventually becomes new again. Right now, 80s trends are back in a big way. Luckily, this time around they are a hint more demure and refined. So, while you can leave the blue eye shadow and Zubaz in the closet, fashion icons Cyndi Lauper and Madonna (the rendition with the cone bra and lace glove, not today’s adaptation with the matador costume) want you to know that these 80s crazes are back.

Animal print:  No hide was sacred in the 1980s. Everything from snakeskin to zebra print showed up on mini skirts, tight dresses, pants and jackets. Truthfully, zoological prints trend approximately once each decade. But, the 80s embraced the beastly styles more than ever. Today, animal prints are back, but is less audacious than previous decades. Instead of donning an entire jungle-inspired frock, try adding a pair of leopard shoes from Boston Proper to the mix. Whether you pair them with neutrals or bold hues, the look is still an attention grabber.

Neon: The 1980s saw brave fashionistas experimenting with vivid pairing like fluorescent yellow tops with hot pink mini skirts. Neon colors are back this season for one very good reason.  They make any skin tone look like it has a fresh-from-the-tropics tan, without all that pesky sun damage. But, there’s still no reason to be excessive. Try a scaled-back version of the trend by pairing a pair of nautical-striped or navy shorts with a neon yellow top. Or, let your tootsies have all the brightly-hued fun and pick up a pair of neon sandals from Ugg Australia.

Denim on denim: For the past two decades teaming multiple denim pieces in a single outfit has been a major faux pas. But, this distinctly 8os dernier cri is seeing a resurgence. Try the look by pairing jeans with a jacket in a similar pigmentation. Leave the jacket unbuttoned to reveal a plain white shirt. Add a pops of color with a fun necklace and a pair of Converse.

White shoes:  For the past few seasons, the most talked about, must-have shoe has also been the most monotonous and mundane. The nude pump may be practical, but it certainly isn’t provocative. The rebound of 80s fashion has saved us from the drudgery by reminding us of a slightly more eye-catching, but still pragmatic, choice. The white shoe is chic once again!  Alabaster footwear works with everything in your wardrobe, from dresses in geometric prints to solid pants and floral skirts. The look is elegant in pointed-toe stilettoes or summertime preppy in sandals. And, if you are tired of the candy-colored athletic shoes that have recently invaded every elliptical machine and treadmill at your gym, there’s more good news. Solid white gym shoes from Nike are back as well!  Or course, you don’t need to wear them with the spandex dancewear that was all the rage in the 80s; they work just was well with your yoga pants.