9 innovative hostess gifts

9 Innovative Hostess Gifts

by Anne Middleton, on November 19th, 2018

Every good guest knows the golden rule: never show up to a party empty-handed. But selecting a gift for your gracious hostess can be tricky. It may seem impossible to think beyond the typical flower bouquet or wine bottle. Whether you've got a housewarming or holiday party to attend, consider these practical, yet innovative and unique suggestions for bringing a thoughtful hostess gift:


1. Onion Goggles


For the cook, give the gadget that will lead to no more tears. Onion goggles may look silly, but your host will never cry when cutting an onion again. The goggles have fog-free clear lenses and a foam seal that protects the eyes from irritating onion vapors. And yes, they really work!


For a fun presentation, give them to your host wrapped in a mesh bag of onions. They make an innovative hostess gift idea for dinner or any occasion.


2. Trivet


There's no better gift than something your hostess can use right away. Trivets will delight your host as they protect counters from hot dishes, making them a perfect Thanksgiving hostess gift idea. Make it extra special for the holiday season with a practical, yet decorative themed design.


3. Appealing Aprons


Both women and men will appreciate an apron that is useful and fashionable. Gift the host a style that they can use, whether it is an outdoor grilling event, Halloween haunt, or a winter holiday gathering of family and friends. They’ll think of you and smile every time the put on this useful cooking preparation accessory.


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4. Cookbooks for the Cook


By inviting you to their home, it is a clear indication that your host likes to entertain and cook. So, they will fall in love with receiving a cookbook, particularly when it fits their lifestyle.


A cookbook is an ideal token of appreciation for a bridal shower hostess gift especially for those who enjoy being in the kitchen and are curious to try new things. A book you select specifically for them (and inscribe) is always a special, thoughtful gift.


A collection of recipes is also a brilliant idea for the bride, especially if it features “meals for two.” As a couple, they can learn to cook together, communicate, and bond over the preparation of their meals.


5. Spoon Rest


This may seem like a simple item, but there isn’t a hostess who can live without one. Cooking can be messy and sticky. Cleaning spillages on countertops or serving counters make the task a more troublesome. One simple way to lessen clean-up during and after cooking and serving is to have spoon rest.


A spoon rest is helpful whether the cook is stirring their tasty food or serving a messy dish.  It keeps the kitchen counter clean and provides a specific location for guests to put the serving utensil after they help themselves at the buffet.


6. State Serving Board


Personalize your hostess gift with a state shaped cutting or serving board. Your host can show off their pride with this artistic accessory in the shape of their native-born state. Both functional and decorative, it's great for serving snacks and chopping vegetables. Plus, you’ll be remembered as they use this slate silhouette of their home turf.


7. Frame It


Picture frames may seem like too common of a gift, but they are truly a welcome idea for any hostess. Choose one that is designed with timelessness and elegance so that it will fit in well with any interior décor.


For an extra personal touch, take a photo at the event. Then print and send it to your hostess with your thank you note (yes, you should send a handwritten note after the party).  She (or he) will already have the perfect frame ready for this special memory.


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8. Bath Bombs


They're scented, effervescent, and fun. Plus, you’ll be giving your host something that will feel like a treat. Bath bombs make for the perfect hostess gifts. They come in many different colors, scents, shapes, and sizes, and are often filled with moisturizing and skin-nourishing oils and butters.


Using a bath bomb is quite simple. As soon as the bath bomb enters the water, it will start to bubble and fizz. Over time, it will start to break apart and dissolve, allowing all the beneficial oils, and salts to be released into the bath water.


After all the work and energy, it takes to entertain, a warm bath with a fizzing bath bomb is a considerate way to let your hostess pamper themselves.


9. Indulgent Chocolate


Nothing, and we mean nothing, is as welcome as a hostess gift featuring high-quality chocolate delicacies, especially during the holidays. The rich, creamy consistency of these luscious morsels seem to put a smile on just about everyone’s face.


But in addition to the happiness it brings, there are practical reasons for eating this sweet treat.


Research has found that chocolate has a variety of health benefits, so you do not need to feel guilty in gifting this decadent edible luxury.   In fact, studies show dark chocolate consumption reduces stress and inflammation, while improving memory, immunity, and mood. 


By purchasing chocolate as a hostess treat, you are actually helping your host deal with the holiday anxiety.


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Guarantee a Future Invite


A gift for your host or hostess is a lovely way to thank them for their hospitality. It is especially thoughtful when you show your appreciation with a personal, one-of-a-kind item. And by recognizing the hard work and effort with an innovative hostess gift, you’ll almost assure that you’ll be invited to another party.