9 Items To Take For A Perfect Beach Day

Everything you need for your next trip to the beach!

by Anne Middleton, on May 11th, 2016

Warmer weather is coming! It’s (finally) time to gather together those items that will make for a perfect beach day.  Naturally, the essentials of a towel, a new (and cute) swimsuit and sunblock are needed, but the list doesn’t stop there. Remember these essentials on your next trip to the beach:

1. The Tote

A carryall for all your gear that is waterproof is a must-have.  Use one that is big enough to hold your towel. And if the tote is made of mesh so that the sand can fall out naturally, then that is even better. It is helpful to choose a bag with compartments and pockets to keep things organized and within easy reach. Compartments are especially helpful for separating things that could leak, like the bottle of sunblock.

Although we all like to appear fashionable at the beach, it is wise not to use your favorite bag when going to the shore. Make sure to take a tote that you don't mind getting sandy.

2. A Sensational Swimsuit

This season, women’s swim suits are showing teeny-tiny ruffles and off-shoulder silhouettes and men’s board shorts are also projected to remain popular. Swimsuit shopping is anticipated as a painful activity for many of us, but it is absolutely possible to find a suit that fits your body well and makes you feel great.

Fashion experts suggest the following:

• Color: choose a swimsuit for the beach in a color that will draw the eye to the most flattering parts of your figure; this will help you to feel more comfortable as well as looking your best. To highlight a feature you like, use a bright color or pattern. To hide something you don't like, use a solid color.

• Fabric: Your swimsuit should be in a material that allows fast and easy drying so when you’re done playing in the waves at the beach you won’t be walking around with soaking wet clothes on.

• Function: Select the swimsuit suitable to its primary use. It's pointless buying a string bikini if you plan on swimming laps or surfing.

• Style: When it comes to clothing, there are few things that give women more anxiety than the swimsuit. From curvier frames to athletic body types, just remember just about everyone struggles when choosing a swimsuit style.  Swimsuits in clever cuts that are suited for real bodies are available with a little help from a professional.  For example, to minimize the appearance of your waist or hips, use shirred or ruched fabric on the swimsuit. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a salesperson at a specialty swimsuit boutique.

3. Functional Flip Flops

The sand can be hot! Flip flops or sandals or some sort of slip-on shoe is a necessity for any beach adventure.  Rubber soles or a material that dries quickly is important so they don’t get ruined from the lake or beachy salt water.

4. Munchies

Even if you know you are going to a beach with a snack bar or restaurant, it's always a good idea to have a few extra snacks, especially if kids are part of the adventure. If you don’t want to bring a cooler, consider nuts, raisins, crackers, granola bars and items that can withstand the heat.

5. Thoughts for Your Towel

Splurge! Treat yourself and your family members to an extra-large, massive beach towel.  An oversized towel is a perfect solution for young kids who nap under the umbrella and may toss and turn.  Plus, a gigantic beach towel is a perfect way to share a sunset.

6. Sunblock

Sunblock is probably the most important item in your beach bag. Make sure you have sufficient sunscreen protection for yourself and every family member. And don’t forget your lips! Bring along lip balm with sunblock properties.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is estimated that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.   Unfortunately, deciding on the brand and level of sunblock can be confusing since today’s sunblock labels are like deciphering a foreign language. Here are some simple explanations of key terms that appear on sunblock labels.

Broad Spectrum: It’s essential for your sunscreen to offer broad spectrum protection, which means that it offers effective protection against both types of harmful sun rays, referred to as UVA and UVB.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF): SPF is a measure of how long a person can stay in the sun before its UVB rays start to burn the skin. But keep in mind that SPF numbers are determined in a lab. In the real world, no matter what the SPF, sunblock products start to lose effectiveness over time, so it’s important to reapply every two hours and after swimming or sweating.

Water Resistant: (effective for up to 40 minutes in water) or Very Water Resistant (effective for up to 80 minutes in water) indicates if the sunblock product provides protection while swimming or sweating up to the time listed on the label.

7. Under the Umbrella

Speaking of sun blocking, remember the umbrella.  Sitting on a towel under an umbrella is a perfect way to keep the kids from having to endure the direct rays of the sun when you spend the entire day at the beach.

8. Sunglasses

Not many people realize that your eyes can actually get sunburned. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your eyes as well as your skin. Prevent this by simply wearing sunglasses with UV protection.

9. Sun Hat

Like your eyes, many people don’t realize that you can get sunburn on your scalp as well. Pack your sun or beach hat so that you can stay cool up top and prevent painful sunburn.

A camera, radio, Frisbee, deck of cards and sand toys are also great for a trip to the beach.

The summer weather is the time when we all seek to find refuge from the heat at the beach. So grab your brightly colored towel, slather the kids with sunblock, change into your adorable swimsuit and hit the sand!





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