mcafee rock climber

A Rocky Road Made Simpler

by Anne Middleton, on February 16th, 2015

Ironically, a guy I met named Rocky became a rock climbing fanatic early in his life.  From the time he was an infant, he would scramble onto ledges, mount the highest branch of trees and escape from his crib by making quick work of the side bars.

After conquering his goals of ascending some of the highest mountains on the planet, Rocky dreamed of sharing his passion of rock climbing with others.  Rocky’s Indoor Rock Climbing Gym was born.

As an entrepreneur with a company targeted to a relatively young demographic (not many senior citizens look forward to being strapped into a harness and forced up a steep fiberglass mountain), Rocky discerned that he would rely heavily on social media and email communications to launch his fitness enterprise.

Rocky’s climbing crew would consist of several part-time experts who would require access to the Cloud and other technological advancements to share ideas, post photos and communicate with Rocky himself.

With this knowledge, Rocky determined that Bitdefender Small Office Security programs would be a stellar partner.  Bitdefender combines leading protection and performance, with simple and effective remote deployment and a cloud-based management console. Bitdefender undisputedly protects systems and has been rated number one time and time again. Bitdefender features a powerful and intuitive interface to a solution that can scale to defend any number of systems, no matter where they are located.

As a small business, Rocky expected that a preponderance of communication would rely on email.  Consultation with clients and staff via computers, tablets and smart phones would be indispensable for his organization to prosper.  But Rocky was troubled.  He was agitated by impending threats to his transmission of intelligence. You only have to listen to the news for a nano-second to become cognizant of how vulnerable business email has become.

McAfee to the rescue. Managing email to ensure safekeeping and connectivity can be a burden, especially for small businesses. McAfee is always on patrol for email security. With McAfee AntiVirus software for small business, spam would be blocked and Rocky’s Gym would incessantly be protected against phishing scams and inappropriate email content.

Since it first opened its doors, patrons and business at Rocky’s Indoor Rock Climbing Gym has skyrocketed!  Rocky is now about to open his second location.  But with growth can come headaches.

Luckily, Norton Antivirus provides flexible protection that can grow with Rocky’s venture.  Norton offers coverage of all technological devices with one subscription, and any additional gadget can be easily added to maintain consistent protection as his business grows.

Rock on, Rocky!