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A Weighty Wish

by Anne Middleton, on February 17th, 2015

Last year, Americans made weight loss their number one resolution and it is sure to top the list this coming year.  The Gallup Health and Healthcare survey found that 51% of adults have a sincere desire to drop surplus weight but that most (75%) are not willing to put in the work to slim down. Really??!!

Most experts prophesize that one of the most efficacious methods to losing that excess tire around your waist is to formulate short-term goals and track your progress.  There are oodles of fancy gadgets that can assist you in this noble mission.  But if you are on a budget, a simple spreadsheet can also do the trick.

Positive reinforcement plays a major role in accomplishing any objective. Seeing is believing and watching the pounds melt away from your chart of progress will encourage you along your journey.

Clearly, you demand that this incredibly personal information on your body’s shape and size remain private and away from prying eyes. Guarding your weight fluctuations and assuring the data remains confidential is of vital urgency.

Unfortunately, security attacks on technological devices are on the rise and spreading precipitously. Optimizing a computer system efficiently and verifying that all programs and files are running correctly can reduce any vulnerability risks of the user’s computer.

Norton computer data protection software is like a fortress around your sensitive computer data. It supplies computer backup and shields PC computers from internal and external threats. Norton’s data safeguard solutions are constantly updated to cautiously guard against all forms of threats.

Progress Made!
Congrats! You had a great week!  Three pounds lost in just seven days and you couldn’t be more ecstatic over this monumental accomplishment.  You even put your weight loss data into a colorful graph to illustrate your inspired march toward victory.

And you are now tracking your exercise evolution as well.  Up to 3 miles yesterday, which is a colossal achievement from not being able to walk around the block just a month ago. You go, girl! It would be an utter disaster to lose these facts and figures after so much has been accomplished.

Installing McAfee Antivirus software allows for a multitude of data protection solutions including superior encryption options. This multilayered protection of data helps assure your confidential documents will not be breached. And we cannot think of anyone who wants their lbs. shared unknowingly with others!

As you rejoice in your achievements, you contemplate hiring a personal trainer to push you to your next level of attaining a lean and mean physique.

But you are cautious and a bit apprehensive about emailing her your progress chart.  What if the email is hacked and the world views your data?

Data protection measures are an effective strategy to secure and maintain sensitive information on a personal or business computer. Bitdefender privacy control monitors the data leaving your computer through web forms, e-mail messages and even instant messages. As a pioneer in data privacy, Bitdefender delivers the proper tools for navigating in a safe online environment and presents a two-way firewall that continuously monitors your internet connections and prevents unauthorized access, even over a Wi-Fi network.

Onward!  Your goal is in site and your information is shielded from predators!