Aging Parental “Social Security”

by Anne Middleton, on March 3rd, 2015

Those of a certain generation first became internet users very late in their life.  Yes, shockingly, it’s true.  There was a time where computers did not exist.

The experience on the web of these elder statesmen is naturally limited.  Texting is still a foreign language to these “mature” adults who grew up believing the world is an honest society, populated with individuals possessing only noble intentions.  And that includes trusting everyone and everything on the World Wide Web.

So understandably, the offspring of this aging demographic endures grave apprehension regarding their parent’s vulnerability when operating their computers, opening and responding to every email. What’s a child to do when mom and dad are too trustworthy?

Remember the commercial that shows a feeble woman of advanced age struggling to say, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” This message clearly preys on the guilt of the young for not being able to take care of their geriatric parents.  In today’s technological arena, the same helpless sentiments are evoked when our senior relatives engage on the web.

Do This Now
This pension-aged demographic is significantly susceptible to cybercrime. Common sense suggests their computers are not as safe and fortified from outside threats as they should be in this age of technology. 

Your parents are pretty intelligent people…after all they raised you and you turned out okay.  So grab your patience and educate them on the necessity for premiere computer security programs. Helping them understand protection from unfamiliar and nameless scoundrels is indispensable.

As relative novices, this advanced age group is typically naïve in the inner workings of electronic devices.  There is a substantial probability they haven't even heard the term “Antivirus Software.” In fact, they probably associate anything named “antivirus” with the medical field.

No matter the age or level of internet experience, every individual must be armed with a high quality, reliable protection program that can continuously detect and eliminate hazardous menaces.

Young at Heart
Those labeled as “over-the-hill” are often more bold, daring and adventurous than we anticipate. Heck, the oldest contestant on Survivor was 72 years young (Rudy Boesch) when he competed in Borneo.

And today, there exist active nonagenarians and octogenarians surfing the web for their next wild escapade.

Logically, this active crowd should promptly install Norton software. Norton will maintain the safety of these retired grown-ups on their devices and avoid unsafe websites and suspicious downloads. This investment in safety software will preserve your peace of mind as your parents explore extreme vacations in far-off lands.

Once trained, retirees treasure their email communication to their children and grandchildren. Many believe Face Time and Skype have supernatural powers.  And photos launched across the miles result in endless smiles for everyone.

These ageless members of our world deserve to converse with friends and relatives without trepidation. McAfee protection prevents email attacks and proactively intercepts emails that originate from suspicious sources.  This advanced technology provides grandparents with ultimate security without extra effort.

Connecting with products to prevent crooks from hacking is essential and even reassuring. Bitdefender delivers file encryption to create scrambled, password-protection on gadgets to guard your confidential and sensitive documents. The data stored can only be accessed by users who know the password.

All over the planet, cultures have transformed into entities that value electronic communication.  Today’s leaders in antivirus software provide methods to make it insanely simple to prevent agonizing over elderly parents’ vulnerability with their electronic interactions. 

Don’t let the threat of evil hackers infiltrating your loved ones devices keep you awake at night.