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All-American Breakfast Month

by Anne Middleton, on September 23rd, 2015

September is All American Breakfast Month, and it seems one New Jersey teacher has been taking his morning alimentation a bit too seriously.  New Jersey educator Arnold Anderson was late to work 111 times in two years, citing his breakfast as the cause of his tardiness.  Anderson was suspended without pay until January 1st.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It’s been studied many times.  As bemusing as this teacher’s issue seems, there tips, tricks and hacks for making the preparation of breakfast less onerous. 

1. Pre-prep:  Sometimes re-heating is yucky and sometimes it’s scrumptious.  Quiche that’s sat in the refrigerator overnight is beyond delectable.  Prep the night before you’re sure to rise and shine the next aurora with a smile on your face.  Quick breads and hard boiled eggs also can be prepped beforehand.

2. App-ly yourself:  The Healthy Breakfast Ideas app in the Apple app store will be a welcome addition to your new Ipad from T-Mobile.  With both “quick” and “healthy” options, you’ll be having a nutritious breakfast with celerity.  Get free shipping on your order of $25 or more from T-Mobile too.

3. Do Your Homework:  Google Play has cookbooks galore specifically for your morning nosh that you can load onto your Verizon Ellipsis tablet.  All you have in the house one dreary morning is eggs, kale and prosciutto?  If you study your cookbooks, you’ll whip up some fine cuisine in no time.  We’ve whipped up some great codes with Verizon, like free shipping on any order so study up on codes before buying online as well. 

4. Sort it out:  If you’re family ravages the pantry like a hungry horde bent on pillaging and your pantry looks like FEMA should intervene, organize it.  A little investment in bins for breakfast bars, cannisters for cereals, etc., will save time and prevent overspending on groceries.  Feed the horde, yes, but keep pantry organized.

We’ve all skipped breakfast due to time concerns.  With a little preparation, you can savor breakfast and get every family member to their destination on time.  If it’s a more lavish morning meal you crave, sate your desires and  prep some of it the night before.  If you’re always searching for the pop tarts in the pantry, whip that pantry into shape.  Use our codes and never overpay on mobile service and devices either.  Bon apetite!