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Amusing Approaches for Decorating a Man Cave

by Anne Middleton, on November 19th, 2014

Man caves. The male population treasures an area of a dwelling that is specifically reserved for a male person to be away from the rest of the household in order to work, play and involve himself in certain hobbies or activities without interruption. Men consider this a refuge for themselves and their buddies to engage in male dominated behavior.

Unfortunately, these grottos are typically in the basement, garage or an unappealing expanse of a home or cabin.  This location of leisure is often dark, gloomy, dreary and buried in wood paneling.

Brighten up these hideaway caverns for dudes with original contraptions. For example, as an alternative to track or canned lighting, employ automobile headlights and vehicle spotlights to illuminate the room.

Auto Parts Warehouse offers powerful LED headlight beams that can be adjusted to just about any angle to best fit your lighting needs. If you prefer, install a vehicle spotlight with adjustable heads that brings brightness to a widespread, expansive space. Auto Parts Warehouse presents motion sensor lights that can be mounted with no wiring required. That way, the lights will come on automatically and you won’t fall down the stairs (or trip on the way up the staircase).

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Distinctive wall art adds ambiance and character. Use your imagination to create a bizarre wall collage with various shapes of air filters.  Spray painting these accessories in a bold shade will add pop and interest to an otherwise dull man cave. Advance Auto Parts lists thousands of diverse filters to trigger your creativity.  Constructing a graphic air filter wall sculpture makes a great gift, too!

Every man cave needs a sturdy location to place a bottle of beer.  Be inspired!  Purchase the most wicked-looking truck tires available, stack them, secure a wood plank on the top of the stack, and presto! You now have a one-of-a-kind heavy-duty side table. Use the superb customer service team at 4 Wheel Parts to obtain unsurpassed deals.  We promise they won’t laugh at your eccentric concept.

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It may take a bit of ingenuity, but how remarkable would it be to own a poker table in your man cave made from an all steel, rust-proof Jeep hood?  You will dazzle and blow the minds of your friends with this novel tabletop. After you purchase a hood from 4 Wheel Drive, you can customize the color to your preference. Personalize it with a mural and astound your buddies.

The unequaled vendors mentioned above offer a plethora of options to conceive and implement an exclusive environment for your male focused playroom. Check out their websites for inspiration and to design a completely original “man cave” that fits your personality.