An Interview with Sports Grid

by Linda Lu, on August 19th, 2015

Sarcastic, humorous, and all around captivating, SportsGrid writer Jake O’Donnell delivers the latest sports news in a discernable way. Having grown up with an interest in sports of all kinds, and having participated in a fair number himself, including basketball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, and more, Jake had always been interested in this realm. But, he had never imagined a career in sports journalism; after college he started working in stand-up comedy and improv before being drawn to SportsGrid because of their sarcastic, snarky voice.

As a Philosophy major and with his experience as a comedian, Jake tells us how it was able to prepare him for the unique interpretation sports news requires. Not only is he reporting on something he loves, but it keeps him engaged in relevant societal issues on an hourly basis. He appreciates being able to become part of a dialogue on far reaching issues, such as the current mishandlings of domestic abuse, and is thankful for the perspective it gives him. While many of his friends his age are struggling to find the time in their busy lives to connect with some of the greater issues, being a sports blogger gives him the opportunity to stay in touch with society. He notes that it has been particularly interesting as the sports world continues to mature towards a more progressive, inclusive world.

We also asked Jake what he was the most proud of as a successful blogger, his answer- being able to talk in depth about a serious issue but, having the ability to transpose it into a lighthearted perspective to make it accessible to everyone. Looking at the other sports blogs on the web, he notes that it seems as if SportsGrid is the most consistent when it comes to revealing the greater impact of a specific incident while managing to balance humor and information well.

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