verizon aqua aerobics

Aqua Aerobics

by Anne Middleton, on July 7th, 2015

I’ve recently taken to water aerobics.  No, I am not doing this in the nursing home pool.  I am under 40.  My joints are in good condition.  I like being in the water and I don’t like to feel like a sweaty, stinky mess.  Before I dive in the pool, I plan out a work out that’s refreshing, yet challenging using apps on my tablet. 

First you need the moves.  If you do aqua fitness correctly, you can burn up to 700 more calories an hour depending on the intensity.  I like it because it improves flexibility and range of motion (important whether you’re a young wise guy or wizened) because of the reduced effect of gravitational force.  I use the H20 Aerobics app I loaded onto my Ipad Mini that I bought from Verizon.  Verizon offers up to 50% off accessories, so I used my savings to buy some water dumb bells. 

Of course, to keep up a rigorous pace as I run through the pool (try it, it’s awesome), I’ve downloaded some awesome tracks of music.  I love Aqua Aerobic 2 - Water Workout meets Dance Music in the Google Play store and I recommended it to my mom who has an ALCATEL ONETOUCH® POP™ 7 tablet.  She loves aqua fit because it’s easy on her joints and all her buddies dance in the pool with her.  Move over Red Hat Ladies, there’s some dancing mermaids making waves in my mom’s town.  T-Mobile has free shipping on all orders of $25 or more, so connect mom with music for her aqua aerobics workout and a great tablet.

From Aqua Aerobics to Aqua Yoga to Aqua Zumba, there’s so much you can do in a pool that’s fun and will help you achieve your fitness aspirations.  Young and young at heart can enjoy a water fitness program with the right apps.  Use our codes to connect to the Apple app store and Google Play on a new device from T-Mobile or Verizon.  You’re sure to make a splash with your new fitness routine.