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Are You as Healthy as Your Twin?

by Anne Middleton, on March 19th, 2015

A recent study of identical twins ascertained, once again, the health benefits associated with exercise.  The investigation examined sets of twins in which one exercised regularly and one did not.  They defined “regular exercise” as those who worked out 2 or more times per week and “non-exercisers,” less than 2 times per week.   Of these genetically homogenous individuals, the “exercisers” had less body fat, less insulin sensitivity, better cardiovascular function and even slightly more gray matter in their brains.

So, if you were thinking of desisting that workout, think again.  And, if propitious health results aren’t enough to get you motivated, how about new workout gear?  NIKE features “Get Fit Kits” designed to provide everything you need for whatever endeavor you choose.  Each, sport-specific kit equips you from head to toe and even provides appropriate accessories to keep your agility up and your corpulence down. 
If working out more than twice a week poses a sartorial dilemma, have no fear.  Converse has some tantalizing tops to accouter your endeavors in style and panache; Casual fashions that will tantalize the eyes while the body underneath metamorphoses into a lean, mean, fitness machine.

If yoga is your activity of choice, Boston Proper has some enchanting yoga pants made with quick drying nylon that wicks away the sweat.  Not your average britches, these beautiful bottoms have a stupendously slimming cut that would make even a downward facing dog look up. 

Health and well-being are their own rewards, but if you feel you deserve a little extra - and you do - treat your feet (after all, they transported you to class, right?) with a pair (or two) of the new arrivals at UGG.  These exhilarant new selections range from nautical themed sneakers to wonderful wedges to the classic sassy flip flop sandals with leopard-patterned straps and a cushioned footbed for extra comfort.  Saunter that dapper new chassis of yours down the street in style and look as splendid as you feel.

Whether you’re a twin or not, you need to keep your anatomy active.  It only takes a few times a week to cultivate a salubrious and sexy lifestyle.  With just a little effort you can ameliorate your health and, with just a few clicks, your wardrobe too.