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Auto-Inspired Gift Ideas

by Anne Middleton, on September 11th, 2015

You’ve been tasked to bring something to the PTA’s Silent Auction.  You fill with dread.  Marjorie is bringing a spa pedicure gift certificate.  Lois is bringing another one of her kitschy quilts.  The Grangers always have those weird lumber sculptures their creepy uncle makes.  You’re not crafty and you’re not rich either.  Assemble an auto-inspired gift basket.  Basket plus filler plus shrink wrap plus goodies plus a bow are the basics of the gift basket.  The question becomes what to fill it with.  Men often get left out when it comes to these silent auctions.  Men are hard to shop for but an auto-inspired basket may turn some gent’s heads.  Here’s our top picks:

1. A Gift Card:  Gift cards are blasé unless they are presented with some flair and nesting one in the middle of a cornucopia of other enticements is a great way to sell one.  4 Wheel Parts offers gift cards in many denominations and you can round out your basket with other great products too and garner 5% off any order.

2. Pay Attention to Detail:  Detailing kits are something sure to delight the meticulous car buff.  So help them buff those unsightly spots away with the Surf City Garage SCGKIT1 Basic Bucket Detailing Kit from Auto Parts Warehouse.  Auto Parts Warehouse offers 5% off any order using our codes so stock that basket up. 

3. Keep it Fresh:  Almost everyone has experienced olfaction dissatisfaction in the car at some time, so a good auto-inspired basket should have some air fresheners nested too.  A smorgasbord of smells awaits sojourners to the Advance Auto Parts site. With 20% off any order using our Advance Auto Parts coupon codes, you’ll love shopping online.

4. Play Around:  We all have cars we’ve lusted after.  Including the Travis Coyne Pro Comp Edition Die Cast Race Truck in your basket will surely delight tots and dads.  A fun toy in a basket full of useful items is sure to turn heads.  You won’t shake your head over the price from 4 Wheel Drive because you’ll get 5% off your order using our codes. 

Rev up your creativity and make an auto parts inspired gift basket for that next silent auction.  Fun and easy to make, eschew the typical tea and personal care baskets and make one worthy of a race car driver.  We have codes to get your engine going!