aap obstacle course

Auto Obstacle Course

by Anne Middleton, on August 12th, 2015

In the weeks before school revs back up, I bet the kids are bored.  If they’ve sated their desires for video gaming, movies, camp and sleepovers, then there’s one last challenge you can give them:  an obstacle course.  An obstacle course is a diverting, challenging way to get those little couch potatoes out and moving.  Make it a neighborhood event, other parents will be lauding you too.  Here’s how.

1.  Bungee Cords: Create a maze of cords for the kids to climb through.   AutoCraft 20-Pack Bungee Cord Assortments from Advance Auto Parts will get you started.  Wending their way through the maze will teach them coordination and problem-solving.  Get 20% off your order using our codes. 
2. Flashlights: The wee ones will love playing in the gloaming hours, especially if you equip them with the Smittybilt GB8 LED Glove Box Light-Black from 4 Wheel Parts.  Perfect for rousing games of Capture the Flag, you’ll get 5% off your order using our codes. 
3. Roll Cage: Tether crepe paper to the Rock Hard 4x4 Parts Ultimate Sports Cage from 4 Wheel Drive and have the kids crawl underneath it on all fours.  With 5% off any order using our codes, it’ll be a memory that will last forever.
4. Tires: Tires are ultra-versatile when it comes to fashioning an obstacle course challenge.  Run through the tires the old-school P.E. class way or consider adding small balls or shaving cream to enhance the challenge. Auto Parts Warehouse has a huge collection of tires.  Be fun and frugal by shopping with our codes.  You’ll get 5% off your order. 

There’s no obstacle to saving when you use our codes.  Get those tots off the couch and outside.  An obstacle course is always a joy of childhood and with summer nearly over you can still make on and save.  Get the whole neighborhood involved.