baby in car

Auto Parts Can be for Babies Too

by Anne Middleton, on January 16th, 2015

Pacify your enfant terrible with unique accoutrements made from auto-parts.  If you and your child are both drowning in a sea of pastels and baby animals, it's time to rethink your decorating plan for your nursery.  A few discerning choices from the auto parts store will help you transform your baby's habitat.

Dash over to Advance Auto Parts and grab yourself a car seat.  It makes a great settee to ooh-and-ah over the baby and is super comfortable, as opposed to that rickety old rocking chair your mother-in-law gave you.   For added safety, you could even keep the seatbelt on if you wanted.  Don't trip over the myriad toys that were showered upon you at the baby shower.  Scoop them up and keep them off the floor with cargo netting for the back of the pickup truck.  You will never fall over tickle me Elmo ever again.  4 Wheel Drive will help you keep the toy army quartered.

Channel your inner Calder and make a mobile of washers, gears and wing nuts.  You can paint them colors to match your nursery.  Auto Parts Warehouse can supply the gear you need for your DIY mobile.  Wrap them and pipe cleaners for added color and texture. Does your baby need a play mat?  Floor mats come in to variety of colors and sizes that are sure to entrance your neophyte crawler.  For a messy baby the heavy duty rubber liner of a pickup is perfect for those inevitable splotches of finger paint and mounds of play dough. 

If conventional shelving makes you want to snooze then think about using glove compartments affixed to the wall.  Sturdy and triangular, they can fit everything from baby wipes to being a place to stow spare pacifiers and baby bottles.  4 Wheel Parts has an ample selection for all your auto needs.

With a little ingenuity you can transform the nursery from a pastel perdition to a vibrant, engaging baby development den.  Take a pass on the saccharine pastels and titillate your baby's engineering instincts from an exceptionally early age.  Dr. Spock may not approve but he's outmoded anyway.  Use our promo codes and spark your imagination and your baby's too.