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Auto Parts for a Buff Body

by Anne Middleton, on December 3rd, 2014

If you are like me, and you’ve used the remote to constantly flip through the television channels, you have probably landed on an entertainment weight loss show. These television spectacles demonstrate that working out on a consistent basis can result in a loss of “lbs” and help increase brute strength.


The trainers on these shows present a variety of bodybuilding moves to benefit their clients and help them flourish in meeting and exceeding their fitness goals. One of the fiercest exercises is the “tire flip.”  This ruthless workout requires the contestants to flip over a tire again and again.


The professional coaches advise that this maneuver is a “full body exercise.” As a physical training movement, flipping a round mass of hardened rubber is considered to be one of the supreme body strength and conditioning workouts that a person can accomplish.


If you feel adventurous and willing to leave your comfort zone behind, then 4 Wheel Parts has an incredible selection of tires starting at 22 pounds.  These tires are designed to last, improve tread life and augment resistance to irregular wear with incredible sidewall strength.


In other words, the tire will hurt you before you can hurt the tire.


If the tire drill is too frightening or intimidating as a place to begin your routine, no need to worry.  There are oodles of other options.


Just grab a few bottles of Gold Car Wash Liquid from 4 Wheel Drive Hardware.  They are an absolutely idyllic option to using hand weights for bicep curls and upright rows. This liquid provides a versatile product, strong enough to remove road film, bugs and bird droppings without removing wax or dulling the paint… and it even resists water spotting.


This unsolidified invention even comes in a container with a built in handle for easy pouring and lifting.  No more excuses for flabby arms.


Every trainer and every gym promotes the use of resistance bands for increasing body strength and enhancing an attractive physique. Carefully managed, bungee cords from Advanced Auto Parts can play the same role. These band substitutes are heavy-duty rubber with a soft cord woven jacket that allow for incredibly simple, extremely effective muscle workouts.


Every personal trainer articulates that form is critical in shaping your muscles. You’ve heard them scream in the health club, “watch your form!”


If you choose to work out in your garage or outdoors in the evening, assure you have the proper movement and intensity with mirrors and proper lighting from Auto Parts Warehouse. You’ll appreciate the experience of viewing your progress as your body morphs into the frame you have always craved.


Let it be known that a pricey gym membership is not the only way to achieve your aspirations for an athletic body structure.  Often, the ultimate fitness tools are the simplest merchandise already found in our car depot.