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Automotive Gift Ideas For Mom

by Anne Middleton, on April 28th, 2015

Attention husbands, sons and grandsons!  Mother’s Day is creeping up on you.  Do not be caught unaware.  Admit it; previous years have found you scrambling for a last minute gift and scouring the drugstore for the final, overlooked Mother’s Day card hiding among the graduation and birthday sentiments. But, if you start right now, you can impress her with your Mother’s Day prowess. Honoring her with a phenomenal gift doesn’t have to mean schlepping through the mall, procuring lavish jewelry or ordering expensive flower arrangements. There are plenty of gifts that will wow the mamma in your life right at your favorite auto supply stores.

The mom-to-be:  For many expectant mothers, one of the biggest transitions is swapping her fun, agile car for a family-friendly vehicle. Help her ease into driving a baby-ready automobile by upgrading her ride with plenty of edgy additions. Pop over to 4 Wheel Drive for a new grill, bumper, lift kit and lighting system. Once the baby arrives, she’ll probably supplant her pop tunes with soothing lullabies. Spoil her, and her coming wee one, with a new sound system from 4 Wheel Parts.

The mom in the trenches:  Between school drop offs, soccer practice and slumber and hauling kids to slumber parties, moms of busy kids can end up feeling like chauffeurs. Those hectic schedules often result in slovenly vehicles, littered with sports hear, band instruments, ballet shoes and crumpled homework. Using an Advance Auto Parts coupon to install a new console or trunk storage box can keep her automobile orderly and her stress level down.

The empty nest matriarch: For the mom that has raised her brood and is enjoying watching her children become adults with their own families, time together is a treasure. But, when her progeny is away, she probably finds herself tackling tasks that teens used to help with, like washing the car. This year, start by assembling a massive gift basket of car care items, such as car shampoo, wax, tire cleaner, sponges and brushes from Auto Parts Warehouse.  Then, compose a heartfelt note promising to visit twice a month to wash her vehicle. She’ll love the gesture, the family time and the immaculate conveyance.