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Autumn Libations

by Anne Middleton, on October 14th, 2015

You’ve been sipping spirits all summer to cool off, but now that it’s fall, you need to warm up.  That doesn’t mean that you have settle for so-so cocoa and tame tea.  Let’s toast to some autumn libations that will warm you up. 

1. Mulled Wine—A classic, heat a red wine over low heat, kissed by a bouquet of spices. Lemon and orange zest will add citrusy notes and including a touch of cider will add sweetness.  Corkz in the Apple app store will help you cull through over one million wines to pair you with the perfect red.  Load the app on your new iPhone from T-Mobile and toast to 25% off accessories using our codes. 

2. Hot Chocolate—Hot Chocolate can be indulgent on its own.  Now just imagine having it with your favorite liqueurs.  Craving a peppermint mocha?  How about spiking your hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps and tequila?  Hazelnut lovers will love spiking their hot chocolate with bourbon and Frangelico.

3.  Hot Buttered Rum—Soothe those after-work ruminations with a hot buttered rum.  What’s great about this cocktail is that the vanilla ice cream languishing in your freezer can be re-purposed to make this drink delicious. 

4. Coffees—Coffees lend themselves to all sorts creative mixology.  Grand Marnier in coffee makes a great digestif.  Irish cream or Kahlua are wonderful additives to coffee too.  Craving an Irish Coffee?  The Great Coffee App in the Apple app store will show you how.  Verizon offers up to 50% off accessories using our codes, so indulge!

Fall is here, so as your unpacking those pea coats and sweaters, dust off what’s in your liquor cabinet too and treat yourself to a hot toddy.  Get a hot new mobile device from Verizon or T-Mobile too and save using our codes.  Cheers!