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Baby, It's Cold (and Dark) Outside!

by Anne Middleton, on November 14th, 2014

Daylight Savings. Polar Vortex. El Nino. El Nina.  All these frightening meterogical terms point to only one conclusion…winter is quickly on its way, accompanied by some treacherous weather and driving conditions.


Prepare now! Right now!


1. Fog Lights
Bad weather and limited visibility are synonymous.  And no weather is more hazardous to drive in than fog.  You need fog lights for extra safety on the road. 


These funky automobile lamps act as an additional pair of headlights - think low, low-beams. Fog lights illuminate the road surface nearer to the ground, in a wide fan shape immediately in front of your car. These gizmos shine easily through the murkiness to cast a wider, but shorter beam to aid in navigating the precarious and slippery winter roads.


And where can you purchase these life-protecting, high-quality devices?  At Auto Parts Warehouse, of course.  The assortment of these magnificent inventions is unparrelled at Auto Parts Warehouse, a trustworthy leader in vehicle accessories. 


2. Light Bars
But what if you are an off-road adventurer? The cold and darkness don’t bother you!  These dangerous road conditions are just a minor inconvenience for you and your 4-wheel outdoor companion.


Still, the season of winter whiteness requires extra intensified lighting, especially when you are on unpaved roads covered with white and black ice.  Fear not! You can manage your anxiety levels with the brightness of LED light bars from with 4 Wheel Parts. 


This gleaming apparatus exhibits an innovative design for increased visibility in even the darkest of driving conditions. The superior light bar models offered at 4 Wheel Parts are housed in durable, waterproof and shockproof aluminum cases rendering them virtually indestructible.  Whether you’re close to home, or far off the beaten path, count on extra lighting from 4 Wheel Parts to guide the way!


3. Heat It Up
Last year, did you find yourself driving your car or Jeep and blowing on your hands while rubbing your legs to keep warm?  Did your significant other bundle up like an Eskimo just to venture out to the market? 


No need to agonize this year!  It’s an effortless task to augment your car with additional warmth.  Just stroll on over to 4 Wheel Drive for countless heating accessories. Their selection of automotive “people warmers” includes even small units that can be mounted just about anywhere. These are not just gadgets, they are cold-weather life preservers that produce a staggering amount of heat, especially for a cold Jeep!  4 Wheel Drive offers warming contraptions that are ideal for early model or custom Jeeps that may have no heaters at all.


4. Dealing with the Elements
No garage? Car cover has a hole in it?  Stuck in the mud?  Wedged in a snowbank? No problem.  Whether you need a snow brush, snow shovel, snow broom or other such device, Advance Auto Parts has the proper tool to get out of any compromising position…with your car, that is.


So don’t hibernate this year.  Whether your locality experiences hammering rainstorms, blinding snow, white out conditions or frigid temperatures, these premiere auto supply enterprises will find you the best options to protect yourself and your family.


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