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Be Heart Healthy

by Anne Middleton, on February 5th, 2015

It’s American Heart Month and it’s time to get off your derriere and ensure your heart health.  We take our hearts for granted, unless they’ve been emotionally butchered, or when those heart problems start to creep up on us as our hair grays.  But seriously, it’s time to take care of your heart and one way to do that is to make sure you exercise--with the right shoes on, of course.

If you’re a triathlete or even moderately athletic, you’ll want to opt for Nikes.  Nikes aren’t just running shoes.  They’re shoes to golf in, shoot some hoops in and cross-train in.  You’ll be a real American gladiator and save when you buy multiple pairs for all your herculean sporting endeavors.  Get free shipping on an order of $75 or more.  Feel like you need a shoe fit for a superhero?  The Nike Lunarwavy Sky Hi for women is a slam dunk of a basketball shoe for dames who want to work up a sweat dribbling down the court. 

If you’re not ready to try out for a marathon, but you are ready to walk 10,000 steps as part of your fitness routine, then pedal down the street in Converse.  These street-savvy sneakers will make you want to perambulate more with their classic styling and renowned comfort.   Even the littlest hearts need to stay healthy, so busy dads, get your kids toddling down the street with you.  Your little one will adore the Chuck Taylor Double Tongue Toddler shoes.  With $5.95 flat rate shipping, you won’t need to run to the store to get the savings.

The ultra-comfy UGGs seem more suitable for sitting next to a warm hearth and bussing the one you love.  However, ladies, check out their Kayla sandal, available in three colors.  It’s the perfect shoe for beach volleyball.  Dispense with those dollar store brand flip-flops and get UGG’s sturdy and durable sandal and see a spike in your fitness.  Get free 2 day shipping when you use our promo code.

The DKNY quilted sneaker from Boston Proper is the perfect shoe for those jaunts of errands you take through suburbia.  Mad dash through the grocery store?  No problem.  Leading the tour through the botanical gardens?  Work up a little sweat AND don’t sweat it with these darling shoes.  You’ll say “Forward, march” in these fashion-forward shoes.  Sign up for style-casting emails from Boston proper and enjoy 10% off your order.

Some folks say that you can’t reconcile the head and the heart and they are absolutely wrong.   It’s logical to protect your heart and you can get the footwear you’ve got your heart set on and save with our promo codes.  Enjoy the savings and relish in some heart-healthy joie de vivre this February.