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Beauty Is Pain No More

by Anne Middleton, on October 23rd, 2015

Curves and dad bods seem to be in.  There's the old maxim that "Beauty is pain," and now that we've relaxed some of the Olympian standards in body image, perhaps it's time to relax our feet too.  Let's nix those high heels that mimic scaffolding.  Let's stop cramming our feet into shoes that defy gravity and squoosh our toes into weird contortions.  Let's liberate our feet too.  I realized I had a problem when I went to an event with two extra pairs of shoes tucked into my purse.  One was a ringer pair of shoes in case the ones I had on became unbearable (and they did) and the other was the shoes I planned to trek to my car in.  It was then I decided enough was enough. 

Flocculent UGGs have been a go-to casual shoe since their inception, but they've really stepped up when it comes to blingy-er options.  Dress up leggings and a couture top with the Bailey Button Bling by UGG.  No more blisters, no more sore arches, just fashion-forward comfort when you don UGGs to your next soiree.  UGG offers free shipping and free returns when you use our codes.

The advent of the dad bod craze has liberated many men from spending eons at the gym pumping iron.  Of course, dads still do need exercise to maintain health, but now dad doesn't have to look like a bodybuilder to have sex appeal.  The Chuck Taylor Classic Colors Slip by Converse is perfect for playing in the park with the kids and even doing household "honey dos".  Do use our codes when you shop with Converse, because you'll get $5.95 flat rate shipping.

Fashionistas always love Boston Proper and though they're known for their array of pumps and heels, they have some runway worthy sneakers.  Their Leather Slip-On Sneaker can come off the runway and down the grocery store aisle seamlessly.  Use our codes and get 10% off when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper.

Say no to mangled toes, aching arches and the myriad of other discomforts that can plague your feet.  The shoes may look good, but if they feel awful, get discalced!  Opt for shoes that show you off, not drag you down and use our codes to save.