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Behind The Scenes

by Anne Middleton, on June 25th, 2015

In our society of hype and paparazzi, there are still a collection of individuals who prefer to quietly reach their goals and achievements with little fanfare or attention.

This makes them no less of a success than those who crave and shine in the spotlight.  It is just their preference to accomplish their dreams without being noticed by a crowd.

For example:

1. In the Courtroom
Certainly, our present-day culture with 24/7 media access has developed an unnatural desire to be part of sensational court cases.  When aired on television, these scandalous individuals on trial are analyzed, scrutinized and criticized as they appear and testify in front of a judge.

But quietly on the side, almost invisible to everyone in the courtroom, sits the silent court reporter.  Although this stenographer of verbiage is located directly in the center of the action, they rarely need to interact with anyone. They are the proverbial fly on the wall with a front row seat to all the action.

2. Social Media Manager
Every company and starlet requires a social media guru to manage their profile on countless websites.  These media savvy folks assure the names of their clients are perceived in a positive light on the endless technology sites. 

Rarely do CEOs or entertainment superstars write their own Facebook or Twitter or Instagram messages. Someone with experience in the process of keeping the celebrity recognized and admired is hired for this arduous task.

The irony is that this individual that is acting behind the scenes to keep their corporation or client prominent in the global electronic age actually has to do no “real” socializing at all. 

3. Auction House Archivist
If you prefer to fill your working hours with documents, works of art or antiques rather than human beings, you may find extreme gratification and satisfaction as an archivist.  By cataloguing and categorizing precious works, much of your time will be spent quietly, away from the gavel of the auction itself.  For those who crave a career that allows them to learn and engage in history, working behind the scenes with rare items is utter joy.

4. Camera Operator
So you say you want to get into the entertainment world, but don’t enjoy the fame of flashing lightbulbs in your face when you go out for a meal?  A camera operator may be right up your alley.

When you are involved in shooting a film, a digital show or a sporting event, your best friend and constant companion is your camera.  Although you will talk to your producer through headphones, for the most part, you remain an anonymous part of the crew while enjoying the hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry.

Whether you are an introvert and searching for a job “behind the scenes,” or if you simply enjoy life away from constant corporate politics, is the ideal place to search for a career.  Monster even provides articles on securing a job that is away from the maddening crowd.