The Best Baby Shower Gifts

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by Anne Middleton, on June 6th, 2016

There are a few categories of awesome baby shower gifts that are most appreciated by expecting moms.  They include functional necessities (like a diaper pail) and gifts on a couple’s registry that they desperately need.  But perhaps the best baby shower gifts of all are those items that educate and teach a child as they grow, while providing unlimited fun and stimulation.  LeapFrog items and Fisher-Price toys are perfect examples.

Leap Into Learning

Just under four million babies are born in the United States each year.  That’s a lot of baby shower gifts being given.

The term baby “shower” may seem a bit odd. The term “shower” in this case refers to the the expectant mother being "showered" with gifts.

The loudest “oohhs” and “aahs” at a baby shower often come when a LeapFrog gift is unveiled.  Parents realize the superior reputation of this credible brand will enhance their child’s life in countless ways.

LeapFrog was originally founded in 1999 to help children become excited about learning to read. The first LeapPad learning product was a fun, interactive reading system that brought books and reading skills to life. LeapFrog has been creating bestselling educational solutions ever since. LeapFrog products have always been a welcome gift by kids and moms alike at baby showers and children’s birthday parties.

Since the company’s inception, LeapFrog has been creating award-winning educational solutions that delight, engage and inspire children to reach their potential at every age. Their evolving reading systems and learning tablets revolutionized the world of teaching children at an early age.

The LeapFrog team knows that children all learn differently and they believe that learning should be entertaining.  LeapFrog’s best-selling products are creative and innovative, designed to engage children and help them reach their full potential.

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More Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

The rich heritage of Fisher-Price goes back to 1930 when it was founded by Herman Fisher and Irving Price. It all began with wooden toys that quickly became a success. Although the Depression years were hardly the best time to launch a new business, the company thrived.

Today, Fisher-Price has introduced over 5,000 play items since the inception of the corporation.

From the beginning, Fisher-Price developed toys that appealed to the imagination, and along the way they introduced baby gear. Fisher-Price continues to live by the same mission and goals as they did over 85 years ago, “enriching the lives of young families, and bringing joy to generations.”

Every time a Fisher-Price commercial is shown on TV or pops up on a computer screen, we are all mesmerized by just how far toys have come.  Playtime can actually be a teaching experience, even for the very young, with creations from Fisher-Price. This revolutionary company offers plenty of sensory-stimulating experiences for babies and toddlers, making Fisher-Price products that perfect baby shower gift.

One of the most famous and award-winning Fisher-Price educational toys are their play mats which have been popular for decades. Newborns are fascinated by the music, lights and nature sounds that respond to their tiny movements. Linkable toys, busy activities and a soft mat make “lay & play” time special and an excellent present at a baby shower.

But perhaps nothing encourages social learning more than the Fisher-Price “Little People” environments. These adorably detailed playsets from Fisher-Price have been delighting kids for generations. Fisher-Price Little People playsets make ideal educational toys as young children develop social skills like sharing and taking on new roles.

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A Few Tips

These days, the campaign to “talk, read and sing” to a newborn to enhance their development permeates the airwaves and is recommended by pediatricians.

Here are some other tips for playing with your baby to help them learn and grow in a healthy way:

• Their Level. Get down at floor level to get baby’s view of overhead toys. This will help you know where to position her for the best vantage point. Change your baby's position every once in a while to freshen the view.

• Play together. Be part of the fun to encourage communication between parent and child. When buying an item for a baby shower, consider something that allows parents and youngsters to interact. It is a simple step to search and to find an amazing product to fit this need.

• Talk about it. There is a connection between words and actions. When playing with a toy, move the parts and talk about them in an encouraging manner, saying things like "Shake-shake-shake” or Turn the gear.”

• Your turn, my turn. As a child get older, engage in an interactive game between you and baby. Just rolling the toy back and forth is a great idea. Set up pillow bumpers for boundaries so the toy can't roll too far. And put words with actions as you play: "back and forth," "your turn, my turn." The more you talk to your baby and directly engage him, the more you're benefiting his development.

• Ready, set, crawl. Boost baby toward crawling by choosing a target and encouraging her to roll the toy to it. Then help her crawl or walk over to get it.

• Talk about things as baby makes them happen—you’ll help him understand the idea of action/reaction: "You made the music play! Listen … do you hear it? Let's spin the ball again."

Shower with Love and Learning

Newborns depend on their parents and other caregivers to meet all of their needs. Baby showers celebrate a new arrival and can help meet some of the requirements for supporting a child’s grow and education.

Babies and children learn best when they’re having fun…and different children learn differently. The best baby shower gifts help prepare a child for a lifetime of learning with reliable and tested educational toys. We just wish they had all these amusing educational toys when we were growing up!

Experts agree that a child's development is a continuous journey. Every adventure, every lesson, every curious moment expands a child's knowledge and imagination, building to a greater confidence and passion for what comes next. Let LeapFrog and Fisher-Price guide you on the most important path you’ll be involved in…the path of helping your child learn.