best craft projects for easter

The Best Craft Projects For Easter

by Anne Middleton, on March 3rd, 2016

Nothing says Spring like Easter.  And nothing says Easter like colorful crafts. These simple DIY decorating and craft ideas are fun for kids and adults alike. With just a little time and effort, your DIY craft project will make Easter extra special.

Last year, it was estimated that Americans spent $14.6 million on all Easter-related products.  But the best decorations and gifts are often the ones that are Easter crafts that are homemade.  Try these fun ideas and do-it-yourself.

1. Napkins in the Shape of Bunny Ears. Set your table in a unique and super special way by folding your cloth napkins into a shape that resembles rabbit ears.  This simple 12 step process is the perfect DIY craft idea and will brighten up your Easter holiday meal when you use napkins in a variety of colors and patterns.

2. Easter Basket.  No Easter celebration would be complete without the compulsory Easter Basket.  This traditional Easter craft is a gift that offers thousands of configurations, but why not think “out of the basket” this year for an uncommon craft idea:

Duct Tape Basket. We all know, duct tape can be used for just about anything and an Easter Basket craft project is no exception.  Everyone will giggle over this DIY craft project of a funky Easter basket from decorative multi-colored duct tape

Edible Rice Crispy Basket. How fun would it be to have an Easter basket that you could actually eat? Simply make rice cereal treats according to the package, adding colorful sprinkles for whimsy. Press the warm treats against the inside of bowls lined in wax paper. Let cool, and remove once the rice crispies have hardened. (The wax paper should lift out easily). Remove the wax paper and fill the edible bowls with lots of treats

Paper Straw Easter Basket. Make this bright, seasonal basket using colored paper straws from your local grocery store, a vase and hot glue. Buy vibrant or patterned paper straws for a cheerful appearance. Glue the straws on a vase, metal can or other container until completely covered. Fill with chocolate treats or even spring flowers to create a budget-friendly DIY crafty Easter basket.

3. Jelly Bean Topiary. No one will ever believe this beautiful centerpiece or holiday accent was your own DIY craft project. Just glue pastel jelly beans to a small styrofoam ball skewered with a dowel. Anchor into floral foam, place topiary into a decorated flower pot and cover with moss.

4. Dyed Easter Eggs
No “bunny” loves Easter more than kids. There are so many exciting and creative DIY crafty ways to decorate Easter eggs. These options to the traditional neon dyeing are fun and fabulous.

Polka-Dot Easter Eggs. This unique craft idea uses simple circular Avery labels as a stencil for polka dots. The result is a simple DIY craft that makes these painted eggs worthy of a centerpiece. 

Marbleized Easter Eggs are a bit more complicated, so this craft idea is best for older kids who want more than just to dunk a hardboiled egg into a brightly colored bowl of dye.  Marbleized eggs are beautiful and not so difficult to make and present an unexpected high-class Easter craft

Candy Dotted Easter Eggs.  Remember the “button” candy dots from your childhood?  Simply attach a variety of candy dots (the kind that come on strips of paper) to dyed eggs with a dab of decorating icing for each dot. Allow icing to dry and be amazed at the results of this creative Easter craft, perfect for any age.

5. Peeps! Peeps have been an Easter tradition in millions of households for over 50 years. These brightly colored yellow, chick-shaped marshmallow confections are beloved by children of all ages. Try this easy DIY craft Peep wreath to brighten up your mantle, front door or table

DYI Easter crafts are wonderful since nothing is more meaningful than something made with your own two hands.  These DIY craft ideas will surely enhance the festive atmosphere of your home during the holidays and are sure to impress your guests.