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Beyond The Gown: What To Wear For Your Wedding

by Anne Middleton, on March 12th, 2015

As the calendar marches toward your nuptials, the only garment you really care about is your wedding dress. You could show up at the office in your yoga pants and sports bra for all you care; the entire fashion center of your brain is flooded with thoughts of ball gowns, mermaid silhouettes, Chantilly lace, tulle and sweetheart necklines. But, you can’t get through your wedding, and all the events that surround it, with just a white (or maybe ivory?  Cream?) gown. So forget about the great charmeuse versus dupioni for just a minute and lets go shopping for everything else you will need for your celebration.

The day before & the rehearsal

Your guests might not arrive until moments before you tie the knot, but for you the wedding magic starts the day prior. Well, at least the work does. The day preceding your soiree will entail meeting with vendors, running last minute errands and scoping out all the final details. Getting through a bride’s massive checklist calls for an outfit that is chic yet comfy. Opt for a look that is both on trend and timeless enough to withstand the inevitable photos. Try combining a pair of dark denim jeans with a flowing silk top, and a colorful pair of Converse. The same outfit, with the addition of a structured blazer and some delicate jewelry will carry you straight through the rehearsal.

The big day

Aside from a few last-minute touches, the morning and early afternoon of your big day should be all about pampering. While you still want to look pulled together, there’s no real point in starting out the day too gussied up since you will spend most of it prepping for your extravagant wedding look. Spend the day indulging in some pampering with your bridesmaids and best gal pals. While the pros are attending to your hair, makeup and nails, soak up the bridal bliss in a cozy pair of yoga pants and some Nike kicks. While a fitted tee seems like a comfy choice, remember that you will need to pull it off over your freshly applied makeup and perfectly coiffed hair. Instead, opt for a button-down, and for an extra touch of sentimentality, steal one from his closet.

As you say “I do”

The dress is the obvious star of this show, but it can’t stand alone. Your bridal ensemble is sure to need a few extra touches. If you choose a fairly typical white gown, accessories, jewelry and shoes are the perfect way to introduce some extra personality and flair. While heels are to go-to choice for footwear, think beyond the pump. Not only will you sashay down the aisle in the pair you choose, you’ll also be waltzing across the dance floor in them all night, so select a pair that is comfy enough to go the distance. Lace wedges work well for outdoor ceremonies, since you don’t want to sink into the grass. Ankle strap sandals are perfect for showing off a pedicure and western boots are an unexpected touch for a rustic affair. Check out Boston Proper for a wide selection. 

On the jewelry front, your ring will provide most of the bling, but it will want some company. If you are wearing a strapless dress, pull attention upward with a pair of grand earrings or a bold statement necklace. Don’t let other rings steal attention from your engagement and wedding bands. Instead, choose a sparkly bracelet for your right wrist to even things out.

Getaway & honeymoon travel

Years ago, brides switched clothing prior to leaving the reception to start their honeymoon in a “getaway outfit” of a white suit. But, unless you are expecting paparazzi at your airline gate, no one travels like that. Regardless of whether you are leaving straight for your honeymoon, or just heading to a nearby hotel for the night, give your wedding dress one last hurrah by making your grand exit in your bridal look. Then switch over to relaxed travel-ready clothes to head out on your adventure. A maxi dress, or a pair of denim leggings or broken in jeans paired with a snazzy tee and boyfriend-style cardigan are easy answers to the travel-clothing quandary. Be sure to skip any shoes that lace, buckle or zip. Complete your outfit with a cushy pair or boots or some slip-on sandals from Ugg.