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Biker Babes

by Anne Middleton, on July 28th, 2015

Biker babes, July is Women’s Motorcycle Month.  If you’re hot for hot rods, take the month of July to spruce up your bike.  We’ve got great codes to help you save on a whole haul of auto parts to keep your bike in great shape, ladies. 

Want to make a great investment in your bike?  Go for the Haynes Manuals from Advance Auto.  Online advice for repairing your beloved bike is just the touch of a button away using our codes.  Get 33% all orders over $50 more and Advance Auto Parts offers brake pads for bikes too. 

Are faulty tires slowing you down on the open road?  Ladies, check out 4 Wheel Drive’s assortment of motorcycle tires, like the Xtreme MT2.  You’ll love the feel of the new tires as you go down those long stretches of open road, but moreover, you’ll love the price when you get 5% off using our codes. 

Things may get hot between you and your biking honey bunny, but there’s nothing like a cold bike seat to cool that special heat.  4 Wheel Parts offers WarmSeats Waterproof Motorcycle ATV Seat Heater so that you’ll be able to focus on your hot biker buddy and not how chilly your derriere feels.  You won’t be distracted by the price either, because we have codes to connect your to 5% off your order.

You may be getting hitched, and we don’t mean getting married.  If you need a reliable hitch, Rugged Ridge RR1158054 Hitch is the hitch for you, perfect for small ATV and motorcycle trailers.  Affordable with 5 year warranty, our codes with Auto Parts Warehouse will enable you to save 15% and get free shipping. 

Ladies, you don’t need to feel like you’re on a one-track highway to hell when it’s time to pay for parts for your bike.  Use our codes and save anytime—day or night.  Spruce that bike up for your next great sojourn and save!