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Boho is Back

by Anne Middleton, on May 11th, 2015

Every glossy periodical, fashion blog and style-driven Instagram account is smattered with photos of models piling on layers of loose linen, headbands and billowing, flowery frocks. Everyone wants in on the boho look, which merges hippie vibes from the 60s and 70s with relaxed, laid-back looks.  But, while models seem to be virtuosos at making boho work, real women often have a hard time pulling it off without looking that they confused the afterschool pick up line with the one for Coachella tickets. 

Add structure:  Billowing layers of gauzy fabric are a hallmark of the boho look. But, a conglomeration of long skirts, tunics, scarves can look unkempt and shapeless. When designing an outfit, stick to one loose layer and keep other articles fitted and structured. If you need a little help from the fashion muse, try a long loose-fit tiered linen skirt, a snug tank, a distressed leather belt and a pair of suede booties from Ugg Australia.

Paint an earthy palette:  Creating a harmonious pairing of florals, stripes and patterns is expert-level fashion work that most novices shy away from. Instead of delving into this deep end of the boho look, embrace ivory, tan, rust, and olive as your primary color scheme. Then add pops of bold and bring shades in accessories, such as a turquoise necklace or a pair of mint Converse sneakers. 

Embrace Comfort: Boho fashion, with it’s hippie looks and retro vibe, is first and foremost about comfort, which makes it perfect for busy ladies juggling hectic schedules. So, eschew the curve-hugging skinny jeans and opt for wide leg linen pants and A-line skirts. All the volume on the bottom makes it possible to take comfort a bit further and slip into a pair of Nike sneakers.

Mix Modern & Vintage: Boho might be au courant fashion, but it is entrenched in the styles of the 60s and 70s.  If you have revered but never worn piece, such as an opulent kaftan, a handcrafted lace skirt, or a vintage leather bag, from yesteryear lurking in the depths of your closet, now is the time to pull it out.  But don’t don an outfit consisting solely of retro items. An outfit that relies too heavily on vintage clothing can end up look like a costume, and no one wants to go to work looking like their next stop is Woodstock. Instead, commingle pieces from various decades. If your tunic and pants both appear to have time traveled from 1965, accessorize with thoroughly modern adornments, such as a sleek watches, spike jewelry, and gladiator sandals or d’orsay pumps from Boston Proper.