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Bourdain-ify Your Life

by Anne Middleton, on May 7th, 2015

You may adore or despite culinary bad boy Anthony Bourdain, but you have to admit his lifestyle is enviable.  Jet-setting for exotic locale to exotic locale, sampling the finest of world cuisine and the most daring, he’s eaten fermented shark, a live cobra and even a seal’s eyeball, but most of the time he’s sampling the local vintage and rubbing elbows with the local rabble-rousers.  So how do you Bourdainify your life?   Here’s how.

First, you need some reliable travel apps, and, before that, a reliable smart phone for travel.  T-Mobile offers free shipping on all orders and an array of devices that will have your well equipped for your next culinary field trip.  Need a street view of that back alley wine bar you saw on Bourdain’s show, No Reservations?  Google Earth is the app you need.  The money you’ll save can get you an extra glass of that fine vintage in Lisbon.

When trekking across the globe like Bourdain, you’re going to need a trusted primer, no matter how much you’ve watched his show.  Whether you’re following Bourdain on Twitter or reading the myriad of articles he’s written, one chief piece of advice he gives is “Don’t eat like a tourist.”  In other words, don’t ask your hotel’s concierge where to eat.  Bourdain’s main wrap is to take risks and explore and that’s what Verizon wants you to do too.  Get $50 off and free shipping on your next order from Verizon, so you can explore all the services Verizon has to offer. 

Life is only an adventure if we make it that way and Anthony Bourdain, love him or hate him, is always urging us to take the roads, alleys and lanes less traveled by. You’ll never have to worry too much when you’re globe-trotting with reliable carrier like Verizon or T-Mobile by your side and now you can enjoy their ultra-reliable service at a great price.