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Brown Shoes: A Fall Favorite

by Anne Middleton, on October 2nd, 2015

It's autumn and the parade of brown shoes are here.  From the lightest shades of sand to deep rich mahogany, brown shoes are always a fall favorite.  Love the woodsy hue?  That says a lot about you!  People who are inclined towards brown are earthy, reliable, structured and yearn for security.  Let's look at the plethora of brown shoes.

Crunch the autumn leaves in style with the Casual Walking Bootie from Boston Proper.  This boot will transition from boardroom to pumpkin patch easily.  It's stylish, comfortable, yet serious enough for work and nimble enough for play.  Get 10% off when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper.

You'll be telling ghost stories by a campfire in no time, when you don the Classic Short in Chestnut by UGG, guys.  Suitable for camping or just camping out at the hearth in your own home, we've scared up some savings for you from UGG.  You'll get free two-day shipping on your order using our codes.  Don't waste time fretting over prices, when you can be honing your raconteur skills.

You may have a lot of paranormal investigations to do this fall, if that's your thing. The lore is that during the fall, between the equinox and Halloween, is what is called a liminal time.  Plain English, ghosts may be more active at this time than at other times of the year.  Get out your sound recording devices and heat meters and don't forget good shoes when you trek out to investigate the hauntings at the old mill down the road.  We suggest the Jack Purcell Tumbled Leather sneakers by Converse.  Get free shipping on your order of $75 or more using our codes.

We know you're fawning over fawn-hued shoes.  You'll never take umbrage at high retail markups when you shop using our codes, so get those umber-colored shoes now that the seasons have changed.  Fall is here, so it's time to treat your feet!