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Brunei-Inspired Shoes

by Anne Middleton, on November 20th, 2015

Brunei may be a tiny nation but it’s big on adventure.  Located on the island of Borneo, this diminutive nation has famed beaches and rainforest, a rich heritage and plenty of enthralling attractions.  Let’s take a jaunt to this Brunei, shod in some Brunei-inspired shoes.

The sultanate of Brunei does pride itself on its natural beauty is particularly attractive for divers.  Unspoiled coral reefs burgeon off the coast line, and more than 400 species of coral thrive in its waters.  Local clubs also can facilitate dives into deep wrecks off the South China Sea. Be sure you have shoes to change into after your dive into the profound depths.  We suggest the Magnolia sandal by UGG, renowned for its durability and sought after for its styling.  Get free shipping and returns with UGG when you shop with our codes. 

Jaunting around an alfresco market is a pastime in Brunei, and you should definitely nix the clodhoppers for this experience.  A nimbler shoe is required for experiencing Tamu Seria, Tamu Gadong and others.  Hunt for silver, copperware or the traditional woven fabric ‘kain tenunan’ in style wearing the Fashion Wedge Sneaker by Boston Proper.  You’ll enjoy the local scenery and getting 10% off when you sign up for emails. 

Brunei has a 700 year-long history but has only been its own modern, independent nation since 1984 when it extricated itself from Great Britain in 1984. A visit to its historical mosques and the Kampong Ayer is elucidating.  The Kampong Ayer is a historical village of multi-colored abodes built on stilts over the Brunei river.  Exude an independent spirit and taste for adventure in Converse’s Jack Purcell Signature Leather sneakers will help you experience all the magic of this township preserved in time. 

Brunei has many wonders, natural and cultural for you to explore.  If you’re weary of the countries everyone usually sojourns to, open your mind to an excursion to Brunei.  Once part of the British empire, it’s now a thriving nation of its own.  Thrive using our codes to save and board that plane to Brunei.