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Campus Book Rentals - The Simple Way to Get Your Textbooks

by Anne Middleton, on March 3rd, 2014

Buying textbooks is often the most dreaded part of the school year. Students are expected to spend between $500-$700 per semester on books alone. If you purchase them from your school bookstore you’ll expect a mark-up on the price, but if you purchase online you’ll often find that shipping costs can bring it right back to the same price as your campus bookstore. It’s a seemingly unending cycle of spending money – but Campus Book Rentals is the perfect solution.


What is Campus Book Rentals?
Campus Book Rentals is an online book rental company, boasting a savings of up to 80% on college textbooks. They have been around since 2007, as one of the original textbook rental companies, and have since served over a million customers, and 5,800 college campuses. Campus Book Rentals allows you to rent a textbook for any amount of time you specify, with the option of extending the rental period if needed. They also offer a customer service support team, who is available Monday through Friday, from 8am to 6pm, for live support.


Why Use Campus Book Rentals?
Campus Book Rentals is so simple to use, all you have to do is search for the book you need, select the rental term, and check out! From there, you will receive your books right at your doorstep with free shipping, and a pre-paid shipping envelope for sending it back when you are done. Did I mention free shipping? Additionally, Campus Book Rentals offers the wonderful advantage of renting your books for any amount of days, extending your rental agreement if needed, and a free 15-day grace period. This, along with their partnership with other stores and online college bookstores for more rental options, makes Campus Book Rentals the premier textbook rental source.


Still Not Convinced?
Check out their website for yourself! You’ll quickly see how the benefits they offer far outweigh the difficulties constantly faced in the world of purchasing college textbooks. Not to mention, they offer a service that allows you to sell textbooks you’ve already purchased, through their rental service. So if you’ve already made the mistake of purchasing books you’ll never crack open again, Campus Book Rentals can still help you out!