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Canadians Carp About Carp

by Anne Middleton, on August 17th, 2015

Goldfish are becoming a huge problem in Alberta, Canada.  Canadian officials are carping about invasive carp that have endangered the native fish species.  Ecologists blame the well-intentioned who are disposing of unwanted, living goldfish in Alberta’s waters.  One goldfish they caught had burgeoned into the size of a dinner plate.  The freakishly large goldfish are an invasive species thriving in poor water conditions and this piscine invasion is really pissing off Canadian officials. 

It is illegal to dump or transfer live fish from one body of water to another. Aquarium owners who no longer want their fish have some choices.  They can contact a retailer for a possible return, give the fish away, donate it to a school or talk to a veterinarian about humane disposal.  If you’re still yearning for an aquarium, but don’t want the responsibility, your mobile device can actually be a good substitute.  Aquarium for Your Home Presents Goldfish is available on Google Play and is a wonderful screensaver for your TV.  Enjoy all the fun of an aquarium without the cleaning and pesky maintenance.    If you’re struggling with how to care for your brood of goldfish, Google Play also has an e-book, Goldfish by Maddie Gibbs, which details their care.  You’ll feel cared for by T-Mobile who offers 25% off accessories, so jazz up your new Android device from T-Mobile, with the HTC RECAM Camera, that’s waterproof if you accidentally toss it into the aquarium. 

If you’re really forlorn, get some company by loading the Talking Goldfish app by Gigabyte solutions.  It is an adorable virtual pet that mimics everything you say in an entertaining voice.  Cute Goldfish Wall Papers by Jitesh in also an app for friends of fish that don’t want the toil of upkeeping an aquarium.  Verizon takes the guesswork out of shopping for mobile devices and services, especially when you use our codes.  Verizon offers up to 50% off accessories, so take advantage of savings on an array of Apple products and accessories. 

Canadian officials and ecologists know something’s fishy about the ballooning population of non-native carp in their waters.  Any pet is a responsibility, be it a cat, a dog or a seemingly low-maintenance goldfish.  If you want the nautical beauty of fish, but not all the work, then it might be a good idea to look into apps.  We have great deals on mobile devices and service that will work swimmingly with your busy life.