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Car Wax: The Answer to Your Household Woes

by Anne Middleton, on January 9th, 2015

Car wax is not just for your juvenile’s fundraiser car wash.  Many of us barely keep our cars spiffy and clean much less give our cars the waxing they need.  Yet, even if you don’t wax your car enough, don’t let that wax go to waste.  Wax could be your secret weapon to solve a multiple of household conundrums. 

Fingerprints—they’re everywhere, and they look nightmarish on stainless steel appliances.  Apply a thin coat and buff it out.   Your appliances will gleam instead of looking like part of a CSI investigation.  Likewise, don’t let faucets become forgettable.  Get that hotel glow with a little waxing now and then.  Take advantage of our deals from Auto Parts Warehouse.

Got a stuck hinge?  Garden shears, scissors and other hinged items get stuck. Apply car wax to lubricate those stuck hinges.  It works for drawers and windows too.  Your scratched CD doesn’t have to be sentenced to being a coaster either.  Dab some wax on, buff it, rinse and air dry. 

Don’t let your shower become a science experiment.  Vanquish mildew before it takes over.  Simply apply and buff to the shower door inside and outside.  Wax from 4 Wheel Drive can help you be mildew-free.

Some people amass bumper stickers, but don’t love the schmutz they leave behind.  Like clown make-up, you have to apply a protective layer to protect your car from the goo.  Apply a thin layer of car wax onto the area the bumper sticker will cover.  It will then come off in a jiffy when one of your political platitudes implodes on itself.

Don’t let hiemal weather conditions damper your enthusiasm.  If you live in the Polar vortex, shoveling snow is part of life.  To prevent snow from sticking, rub two thick coats of wax to the head of the shovel so the snow doesn’t stick.  Stockpile that wax if you anticipate an arctic-like winter.  4 Wheel Parts can help.

Too pusillanimous to conquer the range top?  Cleaning the range top is pure torture.  Keep the stove top clean by applying a thin layer of car wax, then wipe it off. The food will never stick again.  You can credit your advanced cleaning competency Advance Auto Parts.

We can’t wax poetic enough about all the nifty things you can do with that under-utilized car wax.  Go online today and scoop up some.  Your neighbors will be curious why your car and your faucets are so glossy.