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Celebrity Scents

by Anne Middleton, on October 20th, 2015

Seems that powerful, world-renown men have something in common:  fragrance.  Both Donald Trump and Pope Benedict have their own colognes.  If your curious about the aromas of some of the world’s most notable men, or just have a curiosity about perfumery in general, we have some apps to suggest.

Pope Benedict, now retired, made headlines in 2012 for commissioning his own olfaction satisfaction from famed Italian perfumer Silvana Casoli.  Madonna and Sting were clients of hers as well.  Inspired by the pope's love of "nature", her proprietary, never-to-be-duplicated or sold blend was a comingling of fragrances from lime-wood, verbena and grass.  Thinking about buying a new scent for yourself?  Load fragrance finder from the Google Play Store onto your new Samsung Galaxy Note5 from T-Mobile.  T-Mobile offers free shipping on your order of $25 or more.

Comedian Chris Hardwick joked on his popular late-night game show @Midnight about Trump’s Success cologne offering on the web.  Trump, of course, is in business, so you can buy his eau de toilette pour homme should you choose.  So far, he has two offerings, Success and Empire.  Gift sets are available as well.  Interested in studying up on various bouquets?  The Ultimate Perfume Encyclopedia is in the Apple app store.  Want to make your own like Donald has?  Maisha Mer offers the How to Make Perfume in the Apple app store too.  Get yourself a new iPhone from Verizon, which offers a new iPhone every year.  Perhaps you have the next must-have scent.   Check it out on the iPhone, the nation’s must have phone.

Whether your melt over musk or get voracious for verbena, scent is powerful and often subtle, triggering the oldest parts of our brains.  Pope Benedict and Donald Trump tapped into the power of aroma and you can too, especially by using apps on the best mobile devices.  Shop using our codes and splurge on a new cologne or invest in coveted ingredients to craft your own.  Up to you!