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Children’s Games

by Anne Middleton, on March 25th, 2015

Simon says raise your hand as high as you can if you experience angst and anxiety directly related to your cell phone carrier.

Simon says jump up and down if you would relish a positive, helpful and friendly experience with your mobile phone company.

Simon says clap your hands twenty times if you want to conserve funds for wireless phone communication, talking, texting, streaming video and more.

Simon says if you have not explored the benefits of the leaders in the category, namely
T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, you are likely lazy and sadly not interested in reducing your technology stress. 

And Speaking of Children’s Games…
Have you ever been in a social situation where your child is trying to get your attention in a manner louder than necessary? (i.e. having a tantrum in a store with strangers glaring at you wondering why you cannot control your kid)?

You are so much luckier than your parents were…you have the uncomplicated option of handing over your Smartphone with video capabilities to distract your munchkin from having a colossal meltdown in public. 

But the last thing you want is for your son (or daughter) to accidentally log onto one of those “naughty” sites and mimic the words and actions on the screen while they are in front of unfamiliar shoppers. 

To avoid any additional embarrassment, you are relieved that the cell phone you procured from T-Mobile has built-in “parental controls.” You are confident that the mobile phone in your baby’s sticky hands includes only the apps and content which you have approved and that any and all inappropriate apps have been blocked.

And even though you want to keep them preoccupied while you pay the sympathetic checkout clerk for your boat-load of groceries, it is nice to know that your Smartphone has a limit on the amount of games that can be played by your precious tyke.

Now when that headache kicks in on the drive home, you can be calmed and comforted with the knowledge that the giggles from the back seat are from your youngster viewing “Finding Nemo” on your Smartphone for the 89th time and not from some unhealthy website.

And you are downright confident that the peaceful environment in your vehicle will never be disturbed because of a glitch in the streaming video. After all, you procured a comprehensive and all inclusive plan from Verizon… they are the trailblazers in reliable and lightning quick 4G LTE network services.

Now Simon says stop reading this blog and run to your nearest technological gadget store and immediately explore the countless mobile phone opportunities that are the best fit for your family.